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ROCC Energy Unable to Oust BvD

It was crunch time this last Sunday for the CoD4 Summer Leg, as Bravado and ROCC Energy went head to head. It was Energy's chance to turn the leg to their favour. But they weren't able to do.

It pretty much sums up the leg to Bravado's favour, having enjoyed zero losses this leg. While two weeks of play are left, Bravado's next game is against ROCC| eSpera. The only hope left for some sort of upset in this year's Summer Leg is Bravado versus hacKME in week 8, which would be great for hacKME in keeping a higher placing, but even better news for Energy.

It seems unlikely, however. ROCC |ENERGY are certainly heading for a second place by the end of the leg, however, enjoying a bye this week and playing THE Gamblers in week 8. Perhaps iM'Lancaster can put a dent on Energy's record for the pick and play match, but that remains to be seen.

Will iM Lancaster put a dent on ROCC ENERGY's record in their pick and play?
Not likely
It'll be a draw

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