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Will ROCC | Energy Shake Up CoD4?

It really is a new year in the Telkom Do Gaming League (DGL) as we see things being shaken up across the board and the competition get much fiercer. In the case of Call of Duty 4 (CoD4), the scene in recent years has been dominated in many ways by Bravado (once again the DGC Champions. For this Summer Leg, however, ROCC | Energy might just change that.

It's the fourth week of play in CoD4 and the ROCC | Energy team finds themselves with three wins and zero losses. On Sunday they will face fellow clan-mates auRa |32battal which probably won't put a dent on their track record for the Summer Leg thus far.

Then they get a break inbetween before they face Bravado in week 6. Their pick and play against Immersion's Lancaster team looks set to be a rather easy one as in the match thread the iM boys are looking to focus on Black Ops 2.

hacKMEāˆ™CoD4 has had a strong showing in the Leg, with one loss and three wins so far. The loss was at the hands of the ROCC | ENERGY team in week 2. What this shows is that it really boils down to the game with Bravado in week 6 for ENERGY to take the leg.

Admittedly, there are other variables at play. With CSA aReS and aR diVinity out of the runnings, Bravado has enjoyed two byes (week 2 and week 4). This means that the team has only played two games, both of which were awarded to them. After this week they're due to play all the way through, giving ROCC | Energy a bit of an advantage as they will come into the match between these two teams much more rested.

HacKME will be facing Bravado in the very last week of play. So even if ROCC | Energy manage to take Bravado, HacKME will have to pull out all the stops in week 8 to secure a second placing. Otherwise, the logs show they're probably going to head in third, especially when looking at how the teams are performing.

Meanwhile, the First Division sees NiTeutonic Knights dominating Group A while [P].Spankme, OS CoD4 and UbS|CoD4 (great seeing them again) tying for first in Group B. ROCCAT is also doing well in Group C with their Prodigy team at the top and HpX.cod4 are beating pRey.CoD4 in the running thus far in Group D. The rest of week 4's games seem to show that we probably won't see much change to this.

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