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Real Gaming Payment Issue Unresolved

I’m very disappointed about the Real Gaming saga which has now been going on for months with gamers still complaining to Do Gaming about not getting paid and Real Gaming themselves offering no response.

I’m disappointed for several reasons, the first of which is that it appears that another competitive gaming organisation has failed to get off the ground.

The organisation, which materialised earlier this year, and ran a Starcraft 2 competition and a Call of Duty 4(CoD4) competition, doesn’t even seem to have a website up at the moment.

The site currently is being held with this text:

    This site has been taken off line by the owners for Construction.
    We will be back soon
    For information please email
    Or contact us on (011) 314-9076/7

Do Gaming has worked tirelessly to get more gamers playing online and more organisations creating opportunity for gamers to play in competition can only be good for the industry as a whole. Conversely, industry players dropping out creates less opportunity.

My next disappointment is that it appears that not all gamers were paid. If this is true, it’s just another example of a gaming company failing to live up to what they said they would do. I was contacted this week by one of the winners who said he and one of his team mates were not paid. They were due R2000 each.

While second placed Power Gaming was paid out R7000, third placed French Gaming has apparently not received the R3000 owed to them. The competition was at the end of July 2011. There may be other teams or players which have not been paid either.

Then there is my disappointment that Warren Scrimgeour from Real Gaming who has failed to do what he said he would do for gamers and in his communication with Do Gaming.

Scrimgeour sent Do Gaming an open letter. He confirmed he wanted it published and seemed to think at the time it would open up a helpful dialogue with the community.

As the comments streamed in, Scrimgeour commented on the article they would respond on a daily basis. The next day he said a comment would be made that Friday. No comment was forthcoming.

Do Gaming has tried to contact Scrimgeour on several occasions including today via phone and email, but were unsuccessful. On the one occasion we did get hold of him, he said he was away on business and would come back to us the next week. We did not hear from him.

After being so certain he wanted his letter posted, he has now not followed through on the discussion he started, nor have all the gamers been paid.

We can only hope that the gamers do get paid and that Scrimgeour finishes the discussion he began.

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