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Tonight: IM’s Chance to Turn the CoD4 Leg

It’s a big Monday in the Premier Call of Duty 4 (CoD4) DGL 2012 second leg tonight as Immersion (iM) and Vitriolic (vtL) go head to head, giving iM a fantastic chance to up their position this leg considerably and perhaps even take first place, if everything works very well to their favour.

Although the scores results log don’t reflect it yet (due to scores needing to still be confirmed between teams in last week’s Vitriolic vs pRey match), Vitriolic has three wins to their name which put them on par with Bravado for the first spot (there may be a difference in rounds but that isn’t clear at the time of writing).

While iM have one loss and two wins, they have already faced Bravado. This means that if they pull a win over vtL tonight they will equalise with the team. Given the general performances (at the moment) of the other teams iM are due to face for the rest of the leg, from here on it could be a fairly smooth leg for the team.

Week 6 is when vtL and Bravado face. Obviously if Bravado win that then they once again take the top spot. Assuming iM win tonight, vtL would have two losses, putting them in third position with iM only having one loss.

However, if Vitriolic win their game against Bravado and iM win tonight (and all the rest of their games) then all three teams – iM, Bravado and vtL, would have one loss to their name. It would then all boil down to a rounds difference, making for a super tight log. IM not only need to win tonight’s game but need to try and get the best rounds difference they can and they have a possibility of taking the leg.

Alienware is sponsoring five Alienware PC's to the CoD4 DGL 2012 Championships Alienware is sponsoring five Alienware PC's to the CoD4 DGL 2012 Championships

Last week’s results

IM’s path to the top parts of the logs was helped with a 2 – 0 victory this week against BFB Regiment, with 13 – 9 scores on both Strike and Crossfire. The game was plagued by some line issues on both sides, but in Crossfire, especially, Dean 'Judo:D' Lotter had a fantastic game with some brilliant shooting.

Bravado won against DI Chaos with 13 – 7 and 13 – 4 scores on Crash and Strike, respectfully. Meanwhile, Res enjoyed a 2 – 0 victory against hacKME (13 – 6 on Crash, 13 – 9 on Crossfire) and vtL’s 2 – 0 win against pRey saw scores of 13 – 7 on Crossfire and 13 – 4 on Backlot.

So who will take tonight’s match-up?
Business as usual – vtL’s game, np
iM will upset the tables and claim a victory

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