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DGL 2011 CoD4 Champs: Qoob to Challenge Status Quo

While everyone likes to talk about BFB, Bravado and Ventus as the top three contenders for this year's Call of Duty 4 (CoD4) Do Gaming League (DGL) Championships, the reality is that Qoob Gaming (formerly Power Gaming) have what it takes to challenge the status quo (who can forget them ousting Ventus from the top position in this last leg?)

A look at the names in the team shows some very experienced players in CoD4.

  • Wesley w1ckeD' Hatfield (Captain)
  • Alan ' K1ddo' Hatfield (Vice Captain)
  • Ashley 'ashh' Hartmann
  • Dylan 'mOoSe' Young
  • Ryno ' vaMpz' Bezuidenhout
Wesley 'w1cked' answered a few questions from Do Gaming around the Championships and where they are as a team.

Do Gaming (DG): As a team you guys are a brilliant ensemble of experience and skill. How do you rate you will perform at the DGL 2011 Champs?

    With all the line up changes, it is hard to tell. All I can say is the guys are really amped and ready to go all out.

DG: What do you think have been your core success factors as a team this year?

    Teamwork mostly – strating and adapting. Also with our line up permanently changing, some of our core four players have learnt to play both SMG and AK.

DG: How does your team dynamic work? What kind of dynamics are working for you?

    This past week we have been testing out classes and changing things up to find the most comfortable setup. We starting to play and test strats now. The setup we have now seems to fit best and we will begin touching on different areas of improvement this next week to come.

DG: What do you think contributes to you being able to be highly adaptable in play?

    Mostly because myself, k1ddo, vAmpz, ashh and mo0se have all played each other's roles all over the map. We can easily change a position depending on what the other team is doing. We all know the set 'nades of each other also, which helps a lot when changing roles, or filling in a missing tac.

DG: What do you think has been your personal success factor as the captain of Power/Qoob?

    I would have to say the RealGaming LAN – even though we did not come 1st, the guys showed a lot of spirit.

DG: Why all the name changes this year?
    Due to us leaving the Power Gaming Community organisation, we have joined up with Qoob Gaming in hopes of better support.

DG: What partnerships in the top contender teams are you on the lookout for?

    The most popular one at the moment is the SMG combo of BFB. But I'm looking forward to seeing the BvD ak's Robo and Vitro.

DG: Who do you rate will be top three?

    In no order: BFB, BVD, Ventus

DG: Who do you rate are dark horses to look out for?

    IGC, the ex-RGM team (now BFB RgM), DI and First Squad.

DG: How are things different to LAN as opposed to online and how does a team prepare for these changes in dynamics?

    The biggest thing about LAN is the environment. People that don't LAN a lot come from the comforts of their home. Everything is different at LAN, from the table height/chair height to the noise, the pressure of people watching you and mostly the feel of the LAN connection in the game.

    There aren't many ways to get used to the dynamics of LAN other than going to LANs all the time. You learn small tricks such as bringing your mouse pad, keyboard or screen to the LAN and how to set up your PC well. The more you do it, the more aware you become.

DG: Care to comment yet on what we might expect from you guys next year?

    I don't see the team continuing next year. I plan on personally quitting FPS gaming and gaming in general. "Hanging up my headphones" as is said (laughs). I hope ashh and Vampz play on and recruit new players.

DG: Do you think Modern Warfare 3 will have any effect on the CoD4 leagues next year?

    I personally don't think so. To pay subscription for a FPS game seems lame to me. I wouldn't pay a subscription for any game – that's just me though, loads of people do for WoW, so I dont see why not for CoD.

    I expect Battlefield 3 to make the most impact on the CoD4 league. Many people from the community are looking forward to it. I expect to see a loss of many of the core members of the community, but that can also be a good thing as it allows new players to make their mark.

DG: If Julius Malema was a gamer, what game do you think he would play?

DG: Anything you'd like to add that's interesting?

    I recently bought myself some cap from Telkom (laughs). Getting me them 20 pings yo!

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