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Telkom DGL Championships See Big Prizes

The Telkom Do Gaming League (DGL) Championships fire off on Saturday at rAge 2011 with gamers coming in tomorrow to set their PC’s up for the event. This year Telkom is giving away R160,000 cash in the prize pool and has offered more cash to gamers who have Telkom accounts, as a way of saying thank you to them for their loyal support.

Samsung is also giving away fantastic prizes in the Starcraft 2 Championships which is brought to you by Samsung. The winner will take home a high-end Samsung laptop, a Samsung 27” 3D LED screen and a Samsung HDD along with up to R3 750 in cash from Telkom.

Gamers must sign up to Do Broadband or TelkomInternet prior to the launch of the Championships to qualify for the expanded cash prize offerings in Call of Duty 4, FIFA 11, Starcraft 2 and Counter-Strike 1.6.

This year the prize pool will also be segmented to increase the number of gamers receiving cash. In previous years only the top three in each respective game received a prize, but now prizes will go out to the top eight.

To understand the way the expanded cash prize offering works read the initial announcement story. Basically, the first-placing Call of Duty 4 team with one or less Telkom account holders takes home the minimum amount of R14 000. But if the team has three account holders the prize is expanded by 60 percent to R22 400. If the entire team of five each have an account the prize pool expands by 150 percent to amount to R35 000.

See the prize breakdown for each Championship:

Call of Duty 4 prize breakdown
Starcraft 2 prize breakdown
FIFA 11 prize breakdown
Counter-Strike 1.6 prize breakdown

Remember, you must sign up with Telkom for a Do Broadband or TelkomInternet account prior to the Championships for the expanded cash prizes. Please submit account details at this link

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