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Pre-DGL 2011 CoD4 Champs: Bravado Out Next Year?

Do Gaming has started contacting teams who are competing in the Call of Duty 4 (CoD4) Telkom Do Gaming League (DGL) 2011 Championships to get a sense of where teams are at, how they're preparing, and what they're expecting to see at the Champs.

Here's an interview with Stephen "trolY" White, Bravado captain. White tells us how his team's dynamics are working and also reveals that Bravado will probably not compete next year.

Telkom Do Gaming (DG): Last year Bravado wasn't able to make the Championships but this year you're on board. Do you think you have what it takes to do a repeat of 2009 (which you won) and why?

    Yes, of course. Why? Because we are bravadooooooooooooooo.

DG: Last year's Champions were Ventus with Luca 'RoBoHoBo' Tucconi leading the way. This year Tucconi is on your side. How has it been with him on the Bravado side and what dynamics do you think will come into play when you guys face Ventus on LAN?

    It hasn’t been as smooth as we would have liked. The two previous fifths, Jan “takbok” Theron and Max “fAiTh” Mclaughlin were very similar kinds of players. Luca is quite different to them and so everything did not just slot into place like we hoped it would.

    We have had a lot of difficulty trying to allocate roles but have eventually settled on what we think will work best. This new Ventus side has a core of three Prodigy players; they are not the same team. Maybe Luca will be affected by the fact that he used to play with Phatnoob and Hawk, but I doubt it.

DG: Your line-up has been strong this year and your leadership in particular continues to shine. What do you think have been the success factors for your team this year?

    Well we have had this core four-man line-up for about three years now, which means we all know each other really well and enjoy playing together. Brothers and best friends etc.

DG: What have been your personal keys in leading a team well? Obviously even when your line-up changes you still manage to lead them well. Why?

    Well, I’m just fulfilling my role in the team. Everyone does their part and I have to do mine as best as I can. My role in the team shouldn’t be overstated; I get a lot of help from Sean “r0adrunner” Grobler who doesn’t get the credit he deserves.

DG: What partnerships in the top contender teams are you on the lookout for?

    I’m interested to see how well BFB’s SMG combination between Greg “Rora” Van Der Spuy and Ian “ITR” Robinson will do.

DG: Who do you rate will be top three?

    Excluding Bravado: BFB, Ventus, Mint.

DG: Who do you rate are dark horses to look out for?

    BFB|RGM and Qoob.

DG: How have things changed for Bravado compared to last year?

    Well as I said earlier things didn’t just slot into place like they did in previous years.

DG: You're the only Durbanite in a team of Capetonians. Don't you get lonely?

    Not at all, I’m used to it after three years.

DG: How are you preparing for the Champs?

    The usual: playing friendly matches and discussing how we can improve in specific areas.

DG: How are things different to LAN as opposed to online and how does a team prepare for these changes in dynamics?

    There’s a lot more pressure on LAN. There is no way to prepare for the change in dynamics. Maybe you could try see a shrink.

DG: BFB Lard and yourselves have a history of smack talking at the Champs. You expecting there to be a lot of rivalry again this year?

    I think there’s a healthy rivalry between us and it will probably present itself in some baiting or raging at LAN. We’ll have to see how things go down.

DG: Care to comment yet on what we might expect from Bravado next year?

    We will probably not be playing next year. We are looking at this as our last tournament together. I am hopefully heading off to South Korea and the rest of the team does not seem keen.

DG: Do you think Modern Warfare 3 will have any effect on the CoD4 leagues next year?

    No idea.

DG: If Julius Malema was a gamer, what game do you think he would play?


DG: Anything you'd like to add that's interesting?

    I would like to say thanks to the Bravado organisation and our sponsors, SteelSeries and PLuGG.

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