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Deviation Gaming

Deviation Gaming spans a roster of well over a hundred active players, nine teams across six major competitive titles and a Do Gaming Champion under their wings.

With the end of the Winter Leg and Playoffs underway, Do Gaming caught up with the leader of Deviation Gaming Robert ‘Logan’ Openshaw on his clan’s performance, development and plans for the future.

Telkom Do Gaming (DG): With the competitive year almost over, just how far has Deviation Gaming come in terms of development?

Robert ‘Logan’ Openshaw: Our growth has been quite large, with regards to both Deviation Gaming and the Deviation Academy. I think we have basically doubled our player base over the year and while some may come and go, our overall growth and development has been extremely positive.

DG: Deviation Gaming boasts an impressive roster especially in StarCraft 2. How well has the Winter Leg panned out for you across all competitive titles, in terms of objectives and vision for the clan.

Openshaw: The Winter Leg has been a real topsy-turvy one. On the admin side we were very unsure on how the year was going to pan out. Internal disputes, personal lives and commitments were always going to be an uncertainty.

Teams that we have nurtured and have flourished in the league environment have either left or are now looking to leave but we will have to wait and see where the coin drops before we can judge just how successful the Winter Leg was for the clan.

DG: A number of Deviation players are involved in the Playoffs and could feature at the DGC's, but how does the clan accommodate those that do not achieve?

Openshaw: I personally feel that all of our teams have achieved something, whether based on results or not. They have all put in so much work and time and have all done extremely well in the eyes of the clan and myself.

Deviation will always support its players regardless and try our utmost to help them improve.

DG: A number of relatively 'unknowns' have put in stellar performances throughout the Winter Leg, specifically the Open Division. Is this a result of the Deviation Academy? How successful do you feel the academy has been?

Openshaw: The academy is still facing quite a few teething pains as does any new venture but it is showing a lot of promise and growth because of the players involved and their work effort.

DG: StarCraft 2, isn't the only focus of the clan. There are also a large number of 'teams' competing in the playoffs. Is Deviation trying to establish itself as a stable MGO?

Openshaw: We definitely are, but it's a hard goal to achieve and not one that can be attained overnight. We just have to keep moving forward, learn from our mistakes and continue on.

DG: You yourself have been very involved with the clan, internal affairs and the development of individual players. How do you manage to balance it all and your own family life?

Openshaw: I have great support from my fiancé, Cleo, who is always positive especially when things look grim. With the birth of my daughter there have been some new challenges and obviously my overall gaming has suffered the most as there are a lot of matches I have had to forfeit.

On the Deviation side, I have a lot of help from players and team managers. They all do more than what is required from them and are the core and true spirit of the clan.

DG: Deviation's 'favourite' son, Radhe 'illidanRA' Stringer has had a difficult year but it must be very important to the clan and to his teammates that he is able to compete at the DGC's. How has Deviation supported its 'champion' over the year and what is his current condition?

Openshaw: There are signs that his condition is improving and he seems to have found a good balance but we are still hopeful that he will be able to attend the DGC's.

His health is always a major concern of ours but players like Magiel 'enjoy' De Lange, Rowan 'ScaRy' Hammond, Hendrik 'Hoender' Bence, Rossouw 'TheRooster' van Jaarsveld and Ivan 'GangreL' Williams are all capable players and are more than ready to represent at the championships.

Robert ‘Logan’ Openshaw:

DG: What do you feel sets Deviation Gaming apart from the rest of the competition?

Openshaw: I think our goal has always been to improve the development of local e-Sports. Yet to compare us to other gaming organisations is difficult. Each team and/or clan has their own set of strengths and personal accolades by their own right, all that's important is that the community continues to grow.

DG: Deviation's plans for 2014?

Openshaw: We are throwing around some ideas at the moment, but we are not going to reveal any of them just yet.

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