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Crunch Time on Sunday for CoD4

The Call of Duty 4 (CoD4) Telkom Do Gaming League (DGL) 2013 Summer Leg reaches its crunch time this coming Sunday as Do Gaming Champions, Bravado, go up against ROCC ENERGY in a match that will decide the top logs of the League before the playoffs.

Teams that finish the leg well get a better seed for the playoffs, meaning those that come at the end have a very poor chance of finishing the playoffs well and keeping their position in their Division.

Last week's play saw hacKME win against CSA.Valkyrie and Bravado take out jAh|THE Gamblers. But perhaps the game of most interest was ROCC's two teams, auRa |32battal and eSpera going head to head, which saw the former rise to the top. That win gets them two wins and two losses from four games played while eSpera has three losses and one win after five games played.

As mentioned in a previous article, hacKME's two losses to its name means they'll probably not be in the running for first or second. It all boils down to this ROCC Energy and Bravado match, which is something of a Cape Town showdown (most of the players are from Cape Town) on Sunday at 8pm.

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So what's happening in the First Division?

It seems like a ROCC takeover as ROCC GAMEOVER and ROCC Prodigy sit at the top of Group C. However, Prodigy has only played three games while GAMEOVER has played four. There's a storm coming there as these two teams go head to head in the pick and play match, still to be scheduled. It'll be interesting to see how the Prodigy CoD4 stalwarts fare in this match.

Group A sees the NiTeutonic Knights at the top followed by DvG Envy. Both have played five games but the Knights have a clean record after they ousted DvG in week 2. This means that in all likelihood, NiTeutonic Knights are going to take the group and have a great chance of entering into Premier after the Summer Leg playoffs.

It's OS CoD4 taking Group B at the moment with DvG stigMa following on close behind. Again, OS seemed to have solidified their spot early on in the leg (week 4) when they took out stigMA. It looks like OS are in the run for a first place ending thus far.

HpX and Prey are sitting equal in Group D for the top spot thus far. They each have played four games and have one loss to their name. Meanwhile, AeRo DiOxen has no losses, but has only played three games.

HpX and Prey are due to face each other in the final week of play (week 8). It's going to be interesting to see what happens here when AeRo catch up on their games.

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