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Crash, Crossfire, Strike Popular in CoD 4 DGL Week 1

Leg 2 of the Telkom DGL 2012, brought to you by Alienware, Megarom and Monster Energy, has kicked off and things are looking good for the Call of Duty 4 (CoD4) teams. Three of the four matches were clear cut wins of 2 – 0 indicating that teams still stand as determined as they were at the start of the league this year to make their mark.

With good competition all round it will be interesting to see how the rest of the leg unfolds. The results log thus far looks as follows:

Call of Duty 4 Premier League Results Log Call of Duty 4 Premier League Results Log

Match Results:

Match 1: bvd.Call of Duty 04 vs iM’COD4

Bravado Gaming beat Immersion 2 – 0. These faced off on Crossfire and Crash with Bravado winning both maps 13 – 7. With players like Labeeq ‘Cracken$” Bardien, Tim ‘dece1t’ Thornton (previous Vintage leader) and Juan ‘Edge” Van Wyk, all who have a lot of experience in the game, this should have been a very competitive and fun game. Not to dismiss the rest of their line up who’s also been around for some time and boast experience of their own.

Bravado’s colourful and interesting line up seems to work well in securing the wins. The mash-up of players that have been in clans like Pantheon and Big Fat B*stards (BFB) is proving that with good team work and chemistry Bravado can go from strength to strength in the upcoming weeks.

Match 2: =BFB= RegiMent vs hacKME∙CoD4

BFB took hacKME 2 – 0 with scores of 13 – 5 on Strike and 13 – 9 on Crash. These two maps make for really interesting games because of the variety of strategy they present. It seems that Crash was a very intense game with such a close score.

Both teams boast very interesting line ups. From players that have been playing the game together competitively for a long time to new match ups, both teams show promise of success in this leg.

It’s good to see players like James ‘Tanka’ Marchant and Jandre ‘Makmur’ van Vuuren of hacKME still competing and the awesome team work of =BFB= RegiMent’s line up paying off.

Match 3: [DI].Chaos vs vtL.CoD4

Vitriolic Gaming walked away with the victory, after which was probably the most heated and competitive match in week 1. Drawing on Backlot, winning 13 – 10 on District (City Streets) and 13 – 5 on Strike, these would have made for some awesome spectating. Both teams have players that are veterans in the CoD4 DGL.

[DI].Chaos’s long standing and consistent line up has cultivated superb team work and good team chemistry, making it no easy task to face off against them; vtL.CoD4’s line up being no different.

All of these players are known for their skill and rich history in the league and it will be really exciting to see how the rest of the leg plays out for both teams.

Match 4: pRey.CoD4 vs Res’.cod4

PRey takes Resurrection Gaming 2 – 1 in what seemed to be another action packed match 1. Resurrection won Crossfire 13 – 6 after which pRey won the next two maps 13 – 9 (Crash) and 13 – 5 (Strike).

PRey placed fourth in leg 1 whereas Resurrection Gaming are new comers to the Premier League. PRey looks to be determined to keep and improve on their position in the league.

Alienware is sponsoring five Alienware PC's to the CoD4 DGL 2012 Championships

Crash, Crossfire and Strike has been the most popular maps in week 1, delivering great matches and hype for the matches to come this leg. Time will tell whether the new teams to the division will have what it takes to make it and whether Vitriolic can keep their top spot.

Week 2 sees Immersion facing off with pRey, new guys Resurrection going up against the winners of leg 1 Vitriolic Gaming, Premier League veterans Damage Inc taking on hacKME and, in what is sure to be a highly competitive match, BFB versus Bravado.

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