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CoD4 Winter Leg to Simmer

The Call of Duty 4 (CoD4) Telkom Do Gaming League (DGL) 2013 Winter Leg is going to start simmering from this week as we hit the half-way mark. As week 3 comes to a close today, we're seeing Bravado and iM head to head at the top of the log, with the two ROCC teams (ENERGY and Prodigy) threatening the two top runners.

From now, this is going to simmer into a hot showdown. IM's win against Prodigy last week Monday has put them in a great position. But it was close – two draws on Crash and Crossfire to finally win on Backlot and take the best-of-three. This is a sign of the kind of energy and competition we're seeing in the Premier Division right now.

ENERGY are facing Bravado this coming week and week 6 will see the big showdown between Bravado and iM. IM's match the following week will be against ENERGY while Prodigy faces Bravado in the final week of play.

So, in effect, all these top teams right now have a great chance of ending this leg in the top spot and securing an invite to the Do Gaming Championships (DGC) at the end of the year.

But VnRǂNiTeutonicKnight, k0`Totenkopf and eSpera.Call of Duty 4 are having a bad time, however, and it looks like there's not much chance either of these will rise above the seventh / sixth spot. Meanwhile, ROCC |auRa and hacKME∙CoD4 are scooting the line. The latter has a good chance of rising above OS as both teams have some hard games coming up. HacKME are due to face Prodigy this week and ENERGY next week. How will they do?

Will HacKME take at least one of the ROCC teams?
Not a chance
They have a chance against Prodigy
They have a chance against ENERGY

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In the Open Division, nAv | Insidious and D5g*Impos Illu$ion are enjoying the top two spots (respectively) in Group A. However, nAv has played one extra match and have an extra loss against Impos Illu$ion . Meanwhile, D5g is also enjoying a top spot in Group B with D5g*Meraxes coming in second (one loss) while VnRǂLycans is enjoying a clean run.

Will Impos Illu$ion usurp nAv | Insidious from the top spot in Group A going forward?

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