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CoD4: The Tension Continues

The tension continues in the Call of Duty 4 (CoD4) DGL 2012 first leg as teams continue to go neck and neck for top placings. Here is how things are looking at the moment.

Premier League

Bravado and Vitriolic continue to battle for first place as both teams are equal on points and even rounds difference this week. It's all going to boil down to next week's match-up between these two teams, then. It's likely that both will remain in the top two at least as neither [DI]Chaos or BFB Regiment (second and third currently) look like they'll be able to beat these top two.

Nevertheless, this has been a fantastic leg for [DI]Chaos. It's now up to the team to beat iM this week, pRey the following week, and Regiment in the sixth week before facing Vitriolic in the last week. This means that they have a good chance of grabbing a third position this leg which would be a great achievement for the team.

Regiment's going to want that position though. As was discussed in our round-up article last week, Regiment managed to oust iM of their third position but this week they're up against Bravado. The third position is going to start to become the coveted placing with [DI]Chaos, Regiment and iM as each team faces either Bravado or Vitriolic in the coming weeks. So as things go we're definitely going to see them consistently switching places.

It's unlikely that DnA:Necrofiend and sN SaNiTY, both sitting equal at sixth place, will be able to rise up any further this leg unless Necrofiend takes their game against pRey this week. SaNiTy is due to face Vitriolic, then iM and then Bravado. Meanwhile, Necrofiend, in addition to their game with pRey this week, will face RegiMent and then Vitriolic. The battle for second last place will all then come down to SaNiTy and Necrofiend's face-off in the last week of play.

Alienware is sponsoring five Alienware PC's to the CoD4 DGL 2012 Championships Alienware is sponsoring five Alienware PC's to the CoD4 DGL 2012 Championships

First Division

The First Division is still incredibly tight with hacKME∙CoD4 and Res`.cod4 still tied at first, just like last week. As mentioned in that article, it looks like that may only be resolved in the last week of place as those two teams face off. Or, if an upset happens before then.

CSA.aReS and L-E-Tek come second and third respectively, but aReS is only ahead by rounds' difference. The same situation has developed with |MEoW|Swazi and DnA:Valkyrie for fourth and fifth, respectively.

This week, aRes faces hacKME while L-E-Tek faces Res. Both teams therefore have a chance to usurp a top team from the scores and cause the abovementioned upset. But if the two top teams win it's probably going to remain a stalemate until week 6 when aRes and L-E-Tek go up against each other.

Swazi and Valkyrie are due to face for this week of play (possibly Monday) which will bring some kind of resolution to the tie between these two teams right now.

Seeding Division

GAMEOVER/ has pulled away in the Seeding Division with a two point lead after beating OcTaNe`<3 in the last week of play by 14 – 10. OcTaNe is now third, but sits tie on points (but not rounds difference) with rQ-Rebirth at second place and gG|Alpha, vzN. COD4 and [ACE] |NA| (fourth to fifth, respectively). The latter two teams are exactly equal, even on rounds difference, so there is a very tense situation developing in Group A. There's still a lot of play to come as well so GAMEOVER will need to work hard to keep this lead.

[eZ].CoD4 and dS||Delta Squad are tied in Group B for first. Group C is also seeing a tie at first between iM'JUNIORS and HxG|diVinity.

Group D has erA#sExy now pulling away with a two point lead at first and the nAz Goosenuts coming second with only a one point lead against VINTAGE1-COD4, FTG PhO3nix and HxG | eSpera (which all have equal points but are separated by rounds difference and games played).

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