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CoD4 Summer Playoffs Nearly Done

This week saw nine games being played from the Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare (CoD4), Telkom Do Gaming League (DGL) Summer Premier Playoffs and two in the Summer Breakthrough Playoffs.

Premier Playoffs:

  • NiTeutonic Knights took on DvGǂstigMa on Monday 22 April, 8pm. The two maps played were City Streets and Crash. NiTeutonic Knights won both maps, 13 – 10 and 13 – 7 respectively.

  • After a quick reschedule, CSA.Valkyrie went up against ROCC |Prodigy, on Thursday, 25 April at 7pm. CSA.Valkyrie lost both Crash and Strike, 13 – 0 and 13 – 1 respectively.

  • Wednesday, 24 April, saw OS CoD4 take on nAv | Insidious. OS CoD4 were able to take the win in this match, though no map scores were put on the match thread.

  • ROCC |Prodigy beat AeRo`DiOxen on Tuesday, 23 April at 7pm. They were able to take the win even after many technical issues.

  • DvGǂstigMa took on pRey.CoD4 on Sunday, 21 April, at 5:30pm. pRey.CoD4 were able to take the win after a couple of intense games.

  • Thursday, 25 April, saw NiTeutonic Knights beat jAh|THE Gamblers. They won 13 – 0 on Crossfire and 13 – 4 on Crash.

  • An extremely intense game was played on Sunday, 21 April, between pRey.CoD4 and NiTeutonic Knights. The game started at 8pm and saw both maps end in 13 – 11. The two maps played were Backlot and Crash. NiTeutonic Knights managed to take the win, just barely, a very good game to have watched.

  • ROCC |GAMEOVER played their match against DvGǂstigMa on Monday, 22 April, at 7pm. They played Backlot and City Streets, where ROCC |GAMEOVER won both; 13 – 7 and 13 – 8 respectively.

  • Another game was played on Monday, 22, April at 7pm; between ROCC |Prodigy and OS CoD4. ROCC |Prodigy was able to take both maps, making it the second game won by ROCC that day.

Breakthrough Playoffs:

There were only two games played in the Breakthrough Playoffs this week, they both ended up being on Sunday, 21 April. The first game was played at 7pm and saw 4R|Totenkopf take on asN.[NX]. 4R|Totenkopf was able to secure the win and the four points that came along with it. The second game was played at 8pm, between DvGǂEnvy and .UbS|CoD4. DvGǂEnvy only managed to field four players for the game and ended up losing both matches.

There are only a few days left in the CoD4 DGL Summer Playoffs, so it is advised that teams organise their left-over games as soon as possible.

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