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CoD4 Summer Playoffs End Well

After four weeks of battling it out, the Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare (CoD4) Telkom Do Gaming League (DGL) has come to an end. With the teams organising their matches in their own time, a few of the matches were played over the weekend, in both the Premier and Breakthrough Playoffs.

Premier Playoffs:

  • NiTeutonic Knights took on ROCC | GAMEOVER on Monday, 29 April. ROCC |GAMEOVER managed to win on both Crash and Backlot 13 – 6 and 13 – 5 respectively.

  • nAv | Insidious took their chance against ROCC | Prodigy on Sunday, 28 April. ROCC |Prodigy took the match, with a 2 – 0 victory over nAv | Insidious. It is unfortunate that the map scores were not given.

  • Sunday, 28 April, also saw jAh|THE Gamblers try to take on DvGǂstigMa. jAh|THE Gamblers came out second best, with DvGǂstigMa taking the match 2 – 0. The map scores were not uploaded.

  • jAh|THE Gamblers had to forfeit two matches as a result of personal problems. The one game was against pRey.CoD4 and the other was against ROCC |GAMEOVER.

  • CSA.Valkyrie also had to forfeit a match, as some of their players were not able to make it. They forfeited against AeRo`DiOxen, giving them the four points they needed to beat nAv | Insidious in the results log.

At the end of this we see that the preliminary results show ROCC |GAMEOVER, NiTeutonic Knights, ROCC |Prodigy and OS CoD4 going into Premier Division. At the same time they show that pRey.CoD4, DvGǂstigMa, jAh|THE Gamblers, AeRo`DiOxen, nAv | Insidious and CSA.Valkyrie will be relegated to First Division.

Breakthrough Playoffs:

  • After much deliberation, the date was set at Tuesday, 30 April, at 8:30pm for the match between [TE]Kaas&Wyn and asN.[NX]. The scores have not yet been uploaded, although the “GG” at the bottom of the match thread shows the game was played.

  • Sunday, 28 April saw 4R|Totenkopf go up against [TE]Kaas&Wyn. The match was scheduled to begin no later than 9pm. 4R|Totenkopf were able to pick up the win, scoring a 2 – 0 victory over [TE]Kaas&Wyn. The map scores were not included in the update.

  • nAv | Incense played their game against .UbS|CoD4 on Monday, 29 April, at 8pm. .UbS|CoD4 were able to take the 2 – 0 victory over nAv | Incense. The map scores were, unfortunately, not uploaded.

  • DvGǂInvidious took on D5g*[INS]omnia on Sunday, 28 April, at 8pm. After a few issues with servers throughout the day, they managed to play on the DvG server. DvGǂInvidious were able to take the 2 – 0 win, giving them the points that will secure the second place finish for them.

  • Tuesday, 30 April, was the date set for [TE]Kaas&Wyn to go up against eVo_za `eDGe. Although the scores have not yet been submitted, it is known that eVo_za `eDGe won both Crash and District, 13 – 7 and 13 – 3 respectively.

  • nAv | Incense beat D5g*[INS]omnia on Saturday, 27 April. nAv | Incense took Crash and Backlot 13 – 4 and 13 – 7 respectively, while the first map (Strike) ended in a draw.

The preliminary results show that 4R|Totenkopf and .UbS|CoD4will be promoted to First Division; while eVo_za `eDGe, asN.[NX], [TE]Kaas&Wyn, DvGǂInvidious, nAv | Incense and D5g*[INS]omnia will be relegated to Second Division.

Congratulations to all the teams that participated in the Summer Playoffs. To secure your seeding for next leg, don’t forget to register.

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