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CoD4 Summer Leg Playoffs: Not too Stressful

The Summer Playoffs for the Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare (CoD4) Telkom Do Gaming League (DGL) started on 3 April and so far we see that only one game has been played in each respective playoff.

In the Premier Summer Playoffs, AeRo`DiOxen were able to beat nAv | Insidious in their Group B match. This very first match was played on Sunday 7 April at 8:00pm. It is unfortunate that none of the maps, or scores on the maps, were given. It is a good start to the Summer Playoffs for AeRo`DiOxen.

There are only four games to play in the Premier Playoffs and it should be easy to schedule those over the four weeks allocated to the Summer Playoffs. It will be interesting to see who will make the Premier Division and who will be dropping down to First Division.

The Breakthrough Playoffs are being held over the same time period as the Premier Playoffs, however, there are only three matches to be played. The Breakthrough Playoffs are for those teams trying to get into First Division. There are a total of eight teams competing for the two available spots.

The Breakthrough Playoffs also saw one game being played this weekend. .UbS|CoD4 were able to easily take down D5g*[INS]Omnia for a 2 – 0 victory. .UbS|CoD4 took both maps with ease, scoring 13 – 0 on Crossfire and 13 – 3 on Crash. The score submissions have not yet been completed and will therefore not show on the results log.

All-in-all it seems as though it is going to be a laid back Summer Playoffs, as far as match organisation is concerned. Just please remember to play all of the matches, and update your scores, before 1 May. Good luck for the rest of the Summer Playoffs.

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