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CoD4 Leg 1 Sees Tight Match-Ups Coming

With the first leg of the Call of Duty 4 (CoD4) DGL 2012 finishing off on Monday, only a handful of matches are left – some of which will decide a division (such as the First Division and Seeding Division which will have some tight match-ups coming), others of which will probably make no real difference (the Premier Division). Let's get into the nitty gritty.

Premier Division

It's all in the bag as Vitriolic sits at the top of the food chain of the League, enjoying a clear run of wins all the way through. It all came down to week 5 in the end as Vitriolic beat second placers Bravado in an exciting 26 – 20 win. Vitriolic took Strike 13 – 9 and Citystreets 13 – 11, leaving Vitrioliic captain Jayden 'PhaTNooB' Schröder "sweating in [his] chair."

This week Vitriolic is due to face DI Chaos in the pick and play, while Bravado and iM go head to head. It's unlikely that the top two teams will move from their positions, but the real contention will take place from third to seventh. If BFB Regiment (currently third) lose against pRey in their last match, it might just mean they swop places as Regiment is only enjoying a one point lead against Immersion and pRey. They'll need to make sure they win, then.

It's been an exciting opener for this year's CoD4 DGL. Leg 2 registrations are open here.

First Division

The First Division sees everything come down to the week 7 match this week as hacKME∙CoD4 and Res`.cod4 go head to head as they sit neck and neck on the log. HacKME leads the pack only by rounds difference but both teams sit equal on points.

L-E-Tek currently sits third and it's unlikely they'll move from there. They face SSECOD42012 this week who are sitting at the bottom of the log. The next contention will probably come with fourth and fifth between CSA.aReS and DnA:Valkyrie, who face this week as well.

Leg 2 registrations are open here.


Group D is the real contentious group for the end of this leg as the top three teams, VINTAGE1-COD4, erA#sExy and HxG | eSpera all sit equal on points but are ahead of each other (in that order) by rounds. The next few games are critical here – sExy and HxG face for the last week of play, Vintage and sExy are facing in the first pick 'n play while Vintage faces eSpera in the second pick 'n play. So it's going to be quite a toss up and nomatter which way it goes, the teams that win in each match must make sure they win by a substantial amount of rounds so that they are guaranteed a top spot.

As to the rest of the groups, OcTaNe`<3 and GAMEOVER/ sit tie in Group A with only a rounds difference separating them. Both teams will have to make sure they win their upcoming games well to get ahead of the other so it's going to be interesting to see how this develops.

Group B has [eZ].CoD4 at the top with dS||Delta Squad second, while Group C sees iM'JUNIORS at first with HpX |N-erGy at second. It looks like this just may be the way things will stay until the end of the leg but we will have to see.

Leg 2 registrations are open here.

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