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First Week of CoD4 DGL Action Over

The first week of Call of Duty 4 (CoD4) DGL 2012 action has come to an end and the results are in. Here's a quick breakdown.

Premier League

We're seeing Bravado, Vitriolic and Damage Inc. all on the top spot sitting equal with the same points and rounds after winning their matches this week. Coming in at second is BFB RegiMent who, although they won their match, have less of a rounds difference. The log then sees Immersion come fourth and DnA: Necrofiend, pRey and sN Sanity all vying for fourth place.

It's too early to make any solid predictions or really to count what we see here as a trend, but the coming week could help Immersion stay out of the relegation zone as they face DnA: Necrofiend, while the big game of the week is between Vitriolic and BFB. The outcome of that will definitely send this leg on an interesting trajectory.

Alienware is sponsoring five Alienware PC's to the CoD4 DGL 2012 Championships Alienware is sponsoring five Alienware PC's to the CoD4 DGL 2012 Championships

First Division

The First Division sees four teams competing for number one with equal points and so forth – 4R|Totenkopf, L-E-Tek, Super Soldiers Elite (SSE) and |MEoW|Swazi. There's not much division happening after that either with the next four teams all sitting equal – CSA.aReS, DnA:Valkyrie, hacKME∙CoD4 and Res`.cod4.

SSE and MEoW are facing each other this week and that will no doubt be an interesting game.

Seeding Division

Requiem Rebirth topped their group this week (Group A) after beating FTG Xtream, while Group B sees nvrland`prozac and [eZ].CoD4 sitting equal for the top spot.

SBS COD4 were the winners for Group C, taking out the FTG Legionnaires while Group D has FTG PhO3nix on the top after their game with [FG] ALPHA.

It's still open season

It's still Open Season in CoD4 this leg and the Seeding Division will be the most interesting as we see new teams enter the DGL. Who are the new dark horses, the new teams of the year that will surprise? Those teams that get into what will become the Third Division will have enough time to work their way up to Premier this year for the DGL Championships, so the results here are imperative.

Modern Warfare 3

Since there are 16 seeding divisions in Modern Warfare 3, the results will only be confirmed later this week. Once those are in we'll run a report on what happened.

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