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CoD4 DGL Summer Playoffs Weekend Matches

We see two matches being played out of each of the Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare (CoD4) Telkom Do Gaming League (DGL) Summer Playoffs.

With both groups having a very laid back Summer Playoffs; it is interesting to see four games being played this weekend.

Premier Playoffs:

Both matches in the Premier Playoffs will be played on Sunday 14 April. CSA.Valkyrie and nAv | Insidious have not yet set a time. Whereas, OS CoD4 and AeRo`DiOxen will be playing at 8:00pm.

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Breakthrough Playoffs:

asN.[NX] will be going up against eVo_za `eDGe on Friday 12 April at 8:00pm. This match has had a little bit of an upset with the booking of servers. asN.[NX] are wanting to book a WAGE server because of the lag they receive on SGS, but eVo_za `eDGe want an SGS server because of ping issues on WAGE. It seems as though an SGS server will have to be booked as it is in the DGL rules.

.UbS|CoD4 and DvGǂEnvy have set their date to play for Sunday 14 April; they have not set a time yet though. It seems that DvGǂEnvy are having problems with some of their players and might have to reschedule. DvGǂEnvy did say that they would let .UbS|CoD4 know what is happening. .UbS|CoD4 are being accommodating which is very nice to see.

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