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Things Tight in DGL 2012 CoD4

The results after the second week of play in the Call of Duty 4 (CoD4) DGL 2012 first leg sees things tightening up quite a bit across the divisions.

Premier Division

Bravado and Vitriolic are sitting equal for first place in the Premier Division with Immersion (iM) coming in second, pRey and DI Chaos third and =BFB=RegiMent fourth. IM has the same points, wins and losses as the latter three teams (one win, one loss, four points) but has managed its placing so far thanks to a better rounds difference.

But iM faces Vitriolic this week, a team that pRey has already faced. Furthermore, DI Chaos has already played their match with Bravado so technically these two teams have at least one major difficult game out the way. pRey battles Bravado this week. IM, on the other hand, is facing Bravado right at the end of the leg (week 7) placing them at a severe disadvantage.

=BFB=RegiMent beat iM in the first week in an incredibly close 30 – 33 game while iM went on to claim a victory against DnA:Necrofiend this last week. The problem for BFB this week was they went up against Vitriolic, which the latter won, but this also places BFB at an advantage over iM. So while BFB is sitting at fourth at the moment, their win over iM may very well mean they will switch positions to third by the end of the leg.

All this means that iM could very well scoot closely to the relegation zone. They will need to work very hard for the rest of the leg to stop from dropping too far down.

Meanwhile, Vitriolic and Bravado are due to face in week 5. Unless Bravado fails against BFB Regiment, it's unlikely these two teams will drop in anyway until that fateful week.

Alienware is sponsoring five Alienware PC's to the CoD4 DGL 2012 Championships Alienware is sponsoring five Alienware PC's to the CoD4 DGL 2012 Championships

First Division

We're seeing another close contention between hacKME∙CoD4 and Res`.cod4 in the First Division. From there things are sitting tight as well – CSA.aReS, DnA:Valkyrie, L-E-Tek and |MEoW|Swazi are all sitting at second, with one win, one loss and four points to their names.

This week hacKME faces DnA: Valkyrie, which will be Valkyrie's chance to solidify themselves in a top spot, while CSA.aReS have their chance next week. Res has it fairly easy for those two weeks.

HacKME and Res actually have it the worst right now because they are going to have to keep in top form to maintain their position and only match up at the end of the leg (week 7). HacKME might have the upper hand in terms of the teams they are due to play but from now until then they both have a big bulls-eye on their backs as everyone's going to be working harder to usurp them.

So, those are this week's highlights and CoD4 is looking as exciting as ever!

Seeding Division

There's still no clear winners in the Seeding Division. rQ-Rebirth, GAMEOVER/and OcTaNe`<3 are all vying for first place in Group A while nvrland`prozac, [eZ].CoD4 and dS||Delta Squad are contending for the top spot in Group B. (Teams in this group have played three matches instead of two.)

Group C is a little clearer with SBS COD4 and iM'JUNIORS at the top, as well as Group D which currently has nAz Goosenuts and erA#sExy as the two top teams.

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