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Bvd Enjoy CoD4 Playoff Victory

Vitriolic enjoyed a flawless run in the first leg of the Call of Duty 4 (CoD4) DGL 2012, right up until the Champions Cup Final on Monday night where Bravado emerged as the winner.

The two maps played – Strike and Crossfire – saw Bravado take home a 13 – 8 and then a 13 – 7 win respectively. It was something of a payback of week 5’s play, where Vitriolic took out Bravado on Strike and Citystreets, 13 – 9 and 13 – 11.

For the Final, things kicked off well for Vitriolic on Strike as they took the lead playing Attack until Burlin 'eP1dmC' Russouw started to lag and the team had to call in a last minute sub. Morne 'hawk' Richard joined in, who plays AK, so Jayden 'PhaTNooB' Schröder (captain) played SMG in place of epidemic.

From there rounds began to be exchanged. Bravado’s ‘nades on Defence were really solid, something that Luca ‘RoBoHoBo’ Tucconi, Bravado captain, says the team were working on the night before.

“There were lots of clutches in the game and they really went either way. But we managed to get the upper hand, unlike our last match with Vitriolic,” he says.

Dustin ‘KonTra’ Rhodes, Vitriolic vice-captain, says their teamwork wasn’t nearly as good as usual, allowing for Bravado to pull ahead. The teams then exchanged sides.

“We started Defence with high hopes to regain the rounds and come back from the deficit, but the splits that Bravado were pulling were working quite well. We didn’t get enough early frags to make the rounds come our way,” he says. “I must say the smokes were very fast and so getting the early calls in for the bomb push were quite difficult.”

And so Bravado took the map.

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Crossfire was quite an affair as Vitriolic jumped on Attack first, which should have been the easier side to play on this map. But Kontra says it didn’t turn out to be for his team.

“We level pegged for the entire side with bvd, not a good thing especially with Attack being easier. We wanted more rounds but didn’t get them. This became quite the issue and we lost focus and our teamwork was affected,” he says.

Bravado’s AK spam for the SMG’s pushing bombsite A and their ‘nades prevented Vitriolic’s hold over A building.

“If that building isn’t taken, consider the map lost,” Rhodes says.

At half-time Rhodes says his team had a two point deficit. Having the advantage, Tucconi was quite pleased, since his team were playing the harder side. They felt they had come on top and the next half should be somewhat easier.

Rhodes says Vitriolic got it together again and felt confident that they could turn things around playing Defence, forcing the match into a third map.

But that damning A building kept being a problem.

“If you can’t control that building, things turn for the worst. The Scope can’t get many picks onto B bomb and the deli is very vulnerable from top A. So the AK deli can’t spam or hear the plant if he plays safe in back room deli,” he says.

Both Rhodes and Tucconi say that Gary ‘Craolia’ Noble and Michael 'Bl4ck0ut' Ferguson from Bravado were playing exceptional CoD4 on Monday night.

“Noble had a big clutch round. People were surprised and I’m sure guys will remember it for some time to come,” says Tucconi.

Rhodes adds his perspective: “Ferguson was beasting it up pushing bottom A, with Noble pulling in behind with the AK. Getting a long range weapon in A on Attack is death. Our ‘nades and spam to prevent the A push was not doing a thing,” he says.

So the map went to Bravado and the Champions Cup was awarded.

“Very well played bvd, always fun. And a big thank you to the shoutcasters, mennace and hash, and to hash for organising the stream with mennace on twitchtv,” says Rhodes.

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