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Bravado CoD4 Leg 2 Champs

Bravado have been crowned the DGL 2012 second leg Call of Duty 4 (CoD4) Champions Cup winners, taking the leg. The showdown was between ASF and Bravado, with ASF taking the first map after the game had to go into overtime twice.

That map was Crossfire and it was ASF who took it 18 – 21. ASF had to bring in John 'Fingazz' Langford as a sub and started off the map on Attack, says Dustin 'KoNtraBanN' Rhodes, captain of ASF's CoD4 team.

“We were round for round for most of the game. They pulled ahead after half-time but we managed to get some rounds back,” he says. That was due to some bad smokes on Bravado's part and solid defending from ASF.

“Once Langford got settled in again after not playing for a year or so, he was able to contend with Michael 'Bl4ck0ut' Ferguson,” Rhodes says.

The overtimes saw the close match-ups continue as the teams exchanged rounds until ASF was finally able to pull away. But despite this, Backlot (the next map) saw the complete opposite with Bravado taking it 13 – 5.

“Playing a sub did have an impact, but our teamwork on Backlot went to pot,” says Rhodes.

Citystreets saw a much stronger ASF but they weren't able to beat the Bravado boys, with the map's score ending 13 – 10 to the latter and the leg decided.

Alienware is sponsoring five Alienware PC's to the CoD4 DGL 2012 Championships Alienware is sponsoring five Alienware PC's to the CoD4 DGL 2012 Championships

Bravado keep powering

With Bravado having won the Modern Warfare 3 leg and making significant strides in Battlefield 3, it seems that the clan is unstoppable. Tonight is the final for this leg between NSD and Bravado in Battlefield 3. It's NSD's chance to prevent the clan from enjoying a three-game victory across the DGL and many hope they will do just that.

At the end of the day, a clan is only as good as its players and it seems quite clear that Bravado are determined to keep their rosters filled with talent. But for this writer, someone needs to beat them already.

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