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Big Fat B*stards Return

sKream Gaming in conjunction with the Telkom Do Gaming League (DGL) will be hosting a Call of Duty 4 – Modern Warfare double-elimination tournament this July, sponsored by Evetech.

Registrations for the knockout tournament will close four days prior to kick-off on Monday, 7 July and currently sit on 13 teams, including outfits from Bravado and the returning =BFB=RgM [Big Fat B*stards].

Last time out, =BFB=RgM finished runners up at the 2012 Telkom Do Gaming Championships, losing out to rivals Bravado in the grand finale.

Following their impressive championship run, the team took a short break from competitive Call of Duty before the departure of several key figures within the clan left =BFB=RgM in a difficult position and ultimately signaled the end of an era – The Telkom DGL dropped COD4 as a league title after nearly six years.

This time around, Joshua "Fluff_E<3" Forbes returns to captain the relatively unchanged squad, with Brad 'BaNaNaZz' Altona replacing Ryan ‘SpikkkE’ Kok who has taken a hiatus from completive gaming tom focus on his studies.

“Realistically, we are aiming for a top three finish but I think sKreaM eXtzy and eR`Game is Hard could be poised to pull off some big upsets,” says Forbes.

“p_COD4, bvd .CoD4 and even ENERGY Gaming [not to be confused with Energy eSports] are all favorites to come out on top but after such a long absence, it could be anyone’s tournament. “

“I think with the current state of competitive Call of Duty, players are looking to return to a more ‘stable’ title and this knockout tournament presents the perfect opportunity to spark new interest in the community and reignite old rivalries,” Forbes added.

For more information contact or sKream Team Speak:

Teams can register for the sKream Gaming COD4 Tournament here.

Check out the full rules and regulations here.

Additionally, in anticipation of the upcoming tournament, the DGL has ‘dusted off the old [COD4] servers’ and made them available to the public. Do Gaming - Open 1 Do Gaming - Open 2 Do Gaming - Pickup 1 Do Gaming - Pickup 2 Do Gaming - Clan 1 Do Gaming - Clan 2 Do Gaming - Clan 3 Do Gaming - Clan 4

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