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BFB Explain Their Decision about Blops2

There has been some speculation that =BFB=RegiMent 2013 are being unfair when it comes to their decision to leave the Call of Duty: Black Ops II (Blops2) Telkom Do Gaming League (DGL), sponsored by Megarom. I was able to get to chat with Joshua “Fluff_E<3” Forbes, captain of =BFB=RegiMent 2013, on why they are dropping out.

Telkom Do Gaming (DG):There have been rumours going around that you are coming back to Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare (CoD4). Is this true?

Forbes: Yes; BFB.RgM will no longer be playing in the DGL for Blops2, simply due to the fact that we all really don’t like the game, with the exception of Niall “Nialling” Ingram.

DG: What has made you come to this decision?

Forbes: We found that playing clannies and strategising had become more of a burden than an enjoyable after-hours activity for us. Compared to CoD4 we weren’t even remotely having as much fun. In Cod4 we used to literally laugh all the time, at least once every five minutes. But with Blops2 we were really not enjoying it at all. It’s a bad game.

DG: Does this mean you are leaving Blops2 even though you will be in the Premier Division?

Forbes Yes. We would’ve shifted out earlier, but upon advice of our clan-leader, who said that “it will just look like another CoD4 team dropping out of Blops2, because apparently they aren’t very good at the game,” we decided we would just rape-play our hardest then leave after making the Premier Division as a final ‘adios’ to the community. We also know that retiring before the League is over would mean that the players in our team would be banned from the game for at least one leg. As Niall is going to be playing for eN in Blops2 we thought it best to just play it through.

DG: Do you think coming back to CoD4 will bolster the numbers for the League?

Forbes: Not at all, we’re coming back just to play a league game and support DGL.

DG: Do you see CoD4 having another comeback like last year?

Forbes: I really don’t. I haven’t been playing CoD4 much this year, but it doesn’t look like the teams are being fiercely competitive. Thus I don’t think they will inspire other teams to switch back to Cod4. Also there is no more coverage for Cod4 at all. So it simply won’t light up again because I think most of the journalists have written it off as a dead game.

DG: How will coming back into the lowest division effect your gameplay. Will you still play hard and fast or will you just be casual about it?

Forbes: I don’t think we will play as hard as we did last year for the finals. We might just hit up Team Death Match (TDM) servers now and then just for laughs, and then play League games and hopefully not be terrible.

DG: When will you guys be coming back to CoD4?

Forbes: As soon as possible. We need to start getting back into the swing of things.

DG: Will your line-up remain the same as it was when you left?

Forbes: No it will not, Niall is playing Blops2 for eN now. So we will have our good old sub Quane “Quane” Muskett stepping in.

DG: Is there anything else you would like to add?

Forbes: We have a team for League of Legends (LoL) getting ready to enter in the Winter Leg for the LoL DGL. We really enjoy the game – it will be cool to see how far we can make it.

Thanks to Joshua “Fluff_E<3” Forbes for taking the time to clarify what the team will be doing with regards to Blops2. I hope this helps to clear up some of the community’s questions.

The below comment from Joshua "Fluff_E<3" Forbes has been clarified, they will not be playing in the DGL for LoL. We apologise for any confusion caused.

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