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Well Played Your Douchiness

Infinity Ward's Robert “fourzerotwo” Bowling has revealed that the Modern Warfare 3 developer issued over 1600 bans to cheaters in the short space of time since the game's release. In a tweet, Bowling, said.

“Any attempt to cheat, hack, or glitch in #MW3 will not be tolerated. 1600+ bans issued. Updates in works. Please cont. to report offenders.”

IGN reports that once a cheater is verified, the banhammer is wielded to bring a proportional ban time, based on the severity of the cheating in question.

"Every ban [is] unique to the level of douchiness of the offense," Bowling said. "The greater the douche the greater the length. PermaDouche [is] possible."

Ever come across any “Perma-Douches” in MW3?

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