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More Modern Warfare Criminal Madness

If you thought this week was a strange one in the gaming world with all the trucks heists for Modern Warfare 3 in Cretéil (France) and then again the next day, it only gets stranger.

Kotaku has reported that a 27 year old man fought off an armed teenager in a dark parking lot when the assailant demanded his copy of Modern Warfare 3 at gunpoint.

The teenager confronted the gamer in a parking lot at about 1am after the midnight launch and demanded he hand over his game while racking a round in his gun. The teen then racked a second round and the gamer made a move towards the teen and a struggle over the gun ensued until the teen fled the scene.

The teenager followed the gamer from a GameStop and tried to take his copy in the dark parking lot. Police then arrested the teen a few hours later after discovering him standing in line at the same GameStop wanting to buy a copy of the game.

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