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Another Modern Warfare 3 Heist

Yesterday Do Gaming reported on a heist in France where 6000 copies of Modern Warfare 3 were stolen. Today, the news is that another truckload of Modern Warfare 3 copies has been hijacked, again in France. Do Gaming sourced this news from

Apparently a group of three masked bandits blocked a truck from driving with their own car and ordered the driver out with a gun. They made off with another 5000 to 6000 copies of the game which are valued at an estimated €337,000 (about R3.7 million rand). With yesterday's heist the crooks own games of a total value of about 7.4 million rand.

Whether they are specifically targeting trucks carrying Modern Warfare 3 or just targeting the transport cars and both times it just happened to be the game is unclear. Apparently another driver was hijacked for consoles and software earlier this year in February, so there does appear to be a target on the Bonneuil warehouses who are distributing Modern Warfare in France with their distribution company, Xfire.

This takes 'piracy' to a whole new level – or, more to an old school level!

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