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Infinity Ward Fly In Glitchers

Infinity Ward will by flying in a group of Call of Duty glitchers to help the studio test out the game and make sure that the multiplayer is up to scratch.

The founder of MapMonkeys, “Rezzo”, says in his website's forum thread that four of them will be flying out to California on 10 July to test Modern Warfare 3 out. While the team has been flown out before to test Call of Duty: World at War and Modern Warfare 2, this time they are getting a lot of time with the game and Infinity Ward will be keeping them there for a week.

MapMonkeys is a team of people that actually thrive off finding and sharing glitches with other players so they will be going against what they believe in, but hopefully for the greater good because the less issues they find, the better the end product will probably be.

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