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Glitch on MW3 Goal Post Mission

While playing the Goal Post mission in ACT II of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3, Do Gaming encountered an error and the game crashed.

In the mission, gamers have to rescue a hostage whose name we won’t reveal. After clearing out an area of a city with tank support, and moving through a parking garage on top of a tank, gamers are required to walk down a street next to the tanks and take out enemy soldiers which run at them.

While progressing down the street an error pops up saying, “error reliable command buffer overflow” and the game crashes. Resuming the game requires you to watch the briefing scene again and takes you to just before the incident. Continuing down the road causes the same crash.

However, if just before the crash you enter a building to the right, your squad follows you. You travel through offices parallel to the road and take out more enemies. This gets you past the point where the game crashes and you are able to complete the mission.

It’s somewhat disappointing that this was not removed from the game in testing. Do Gaming had validated its files in Steam and updated the graphics card drivers before playing. If gamers encounter any other errors, gamers should verify their files and check their graphics card drivers.

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