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Call of Duty Military Advisor on Content Collection 2

Call of Duty Military Advisor, Hank Keirsey talks about the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 Content Collection 2 and gives advice to gamers about the upcoming downloadable content (DLC) in a South African exclusive interview.

The Modern Warfare 3 DLC Collection 2 launches with a bunch of new multiplayer and survival maps as well as Special Ops Missions and the debut of Face Off maps. The DLC includes three additional multiplayer maps and two Special Ops missions. Collection 2 is already available on Xbox 360 and will be coming to PlayStation 3 and PC soon.

Hank Keirsey Hank Keirsey

When you are part of a smaller squad (two or three person team), how would you equip yourself and your team?

HK: It all depends on METT-T – a military abbreviation that stands for Mission, Enemy, Terrain, Troops available and Time. If the engagement is in a built up area, you need to consider a few factors; for example whether the bullets you use will penetrate the walls? Are there innocents that you must account for and safeguard? Will I have to engage targets over extended distances? Is stealth a consideration? But knowing none of this and having to prepare a small team for anything I would outfit them as follows: each man armed with a M-4 Carbine with an ACOG sight, each with a backup weapon – two with M1911 pistols and one with a shotgun; a light weight plate carrier for body armour; two frags and two flash bangs per man; and a normal kit to include aid pouch and commo (radio).

Is there particular equipment that you would have when in involved in shorter engagements? What would you advise against using?

HK: I am a fan of using either a shotgun – Remington 870 – or an MP5 (with iron sights) for shorter engagements. And don’t forget the Flash bangs or frags to be tossed prior to entering the room and have your pistols for backup. I would not use the long rifles – like a Remington model 700 or M24 – that are basically a sniper weapon.

How does your approach to a close-ranged encounter differ to when you have a larger area of conflict e.g. in terms of recon, movement, etc.?

HK: Your reaction time and the possibility of surprise are greater at short range, so I would keep the weapon in a ready posture – pointed slightly down to clear the field of view but carried in such a way that one snap movement can bring the weapon to the shoulder and the eye find the sights.

Your slack man overwatches your movement from a close distance. The third man keeps alert to the rear as well as covering the lead two. Recon involves more listening, for the rustle of clothing or the padding of footsteps, and eyes should study the shadows. Even the sense of smell at close range can give warning, especially if you are fighting humans that smell like ass or have flatulence issues.

The Face Off maps give you the option of competing 1 vs. 1 or with a buddy for 2 vs. 2 and 3 vs. 3 combat. In what scenario would it be best to be on your own? In what sort of situation would you want a teammate?

HK: I would always prefer to be in a team to have someone back you up, but if you are conducting reconnaissance, one man can often move with less chance of detection. If you are approaching a situation where there is the possibility of a catastrophic result – say a bridge that is possibly rigged for explosive – it would be better to go it alone rather than getting your buddy whacked as well. Someone should be left to tell manly tales about you in bars.

Finally, if you could offer one piece of advice for close-quarter combat, what would it be?

HK: Train every day to physically and mentally dominate your potential enemies. Plan, prepare and rehearse prior to all operations. When you launch, every quadrant of your brain should be playing its A game – not nervous energy, but focused alertness. And if the situation permits, have an F-16 drop a few JDAMs before you go or have an AH 6 flying cover as you cross the line of departure. And wear a St Michaels medal in between your dog tags – the Patron Saint of all paratroopers. And in case it goes badly leave a note with a buddy for your woman or your folks that tells them they were the best and that they should mourn little and rejoice mightily that during your brief time you walked the corridor of courage.

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