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SGS Launch MW3 Servers

SAIX Game Service (SGS) has launched four Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 servers. Gamers who have the title, which released yesterday, can now log on and enjoy some multiplayer goodness.

Details are at SGS here. Maps available are Fallen, Seatown, Bakaara and Underground.

Some gamers have battled to find where in the game they can log onto servers. The way this is done is by going to 'options' in the game menu and clicking on the 'show dedicated servers' option. Once that's enabled a hidden menu item appears in the main menu called 'servers'. From there you can log on to the server by punching in the IP address of the server(s) at the link above.

We've been receiving a lot of positive feedback on Modern Warfare 3 as a multiplayer title and it seems gamers are really enjoying it.

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