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xTc MW3 Break Up

After some turmoil within the team, xTc has officially disbanded its Modern Warfare 3 (MW3) team as it has not been able to field enough original players to keep its placing in the DGL.

Kenneth 'Slade' Willmore, xTc's general manager, confirmed this to Do Gaming in an email this morning.

"It would seem xTc will be closing our MW3 division for the time being due to players leaving. It would be pointless to continue at the moment as we would be starting off again in Third Division," he says. "We will however be looking to recruit another team and perhaps take it from there. Quite dissapointing when these sort of things happen. Our main focus moving forward will be with our Call of Duty 4, Team Fortress 2, HoN and Starcraft 2 teams."

XTc's MW3 team did well in this last leg of the MW3 DGL 2012, brought to you by Alienware, Megarom and Monster Energy, but despite this the various team members left and joined other clans.

It's not exactly clear why the team disbanded, but 12 days ago Willmore seemed confident that the team would be able to hold it together after two members had left.

"Yes, two players (curzed and stifler) have left the team but we are getting back on track as we speak," Willmore had said. "The team will be continuing in the DGL and hope to carry on the success we have been enjoying thus far."

The two original players who had left were the captain and vice captains of the team, says Willmore. Willmore was going to take over responsibilities of captain. But it seems this was not to be.

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