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Big Sunday for MW3 DGL

It's a Big Sunday this weekend in the Telkom Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 (MW3) DGL, brought to you by Megarom, Dell Alienware and Monster Energy, as the playoffs start reaching an apogee of skill, determination and strat. This weekend will be make or break for many teams in seeing the Cup.

Champions Cup

In the Champions Cup, Bravado and impi have emerged as two big contenders for the semi-finals. Now we just need two more contenders, and those will be decided on Sunday.

HpX|Gameover |GO and vtL.ZA MW3 are to face off in the trenches, while |mG|-MW3 and [xTc]MW3 go head to head.

Whoever wins the first game mentioned above will face Bravado for the semis, while the other game will see the winner face impi. One can't help but wonder if it's going to be a bit of a CoD4 scenario with Vitriolic and Bravado facing each other.

Vitriolic's path in the playoffs was a win against KK Killers (26 – 12) first but their second match was given to them as the |KK|Knights had to forfeit. That's put them in their place right now and secured them a Premier Division position. Meanwhile, Gameover had a similar scenario as the first team they were due to face, =Plg=~A, also forfeited while they went on to beat mMx MW3 2 – 0. Gameover now find themselves in Premier as well.

Alienware is sponsoring five PC's to the MW3 the DGL 2012 Championships. Alienware is sponsoring five PC's to the MW3 the DGL 2012 Championships.

On the other end the teams have had to work harder with |mG|-MW3 enjoying a 2 – 0 victory against aE'Vicious followed by a win of the same score against NCX1, putting mG|-MW3 into the Premier Division. [xTc]MW3 got a 2 – 0 win against rQ-Risen followed by a 2 – 0 against LAB-Mw3-2012. They're now also in Premier.

And although pX~MW3 lost to Bravado in the quarter finals, the team's earlier win against aE Blue place them in Premier; while on the other end BoB m|E|s' loss against impi doesn't take away their Premier placing after they won against reN || Renegades earlier.

So, the Premier teams are as follows:

  • Bravado
  • Vitriolic
  • impi
  • HpX|Gameover |GO
  • BoB m|E|s
  • pX~MW3
  • |mG|-MW3
  • [xTc]MW3
The teams that will make up First Division are as follows:
  • NCX1
  • LAB-Mw3-2012
  • reN || Renegades
  • oR.mw3
  • aE Blue
  • mMx.MW3
  • |KK|Knights
That's if, of course, some of these teams can sort out their current line-up challenges.

See the Cup tree here.

Megarom has sponsored R50,000 to the DGL 2012 Championships. Megarom has sponsored R50,000 to the DGL 2012 Championships.

Novice Cup

The top eight teams in the Novice Cup head to the Second Division and these, bar two teams, are due to face before the deadline of 1 April for this week. These are:

  • [A10]<Bane>
  • [CoN]
  • ORoFO-Alpha Dogs
  • =DAC=From The Ashes
  • [o.G]mw3
  • FLSH|
  • ICE *Avalanche*
  • BR|Dark Knights
Now, Bane and [CoN] have already played their quarter final match-up, with Bane pulling a 2 – 0 win and thus heading into the semis. They will face the winner between Alpha Dogs and From The Ashes, who are either going to play Sunday or Monday it seems.

Avalanche and the Dark Knights are facing on Sunday while [o.G]mw3 and FLSH| look like they are still due to organise their game. That organisation isn't looking too positive when one looks at the match thread. Let's hope they get organised.

The Second Division also consists of the teams that have finished 25th to 32nd in the Champions Cup. The division will essentially be split into two groups. Details of all the teams to make up the Second Division will be published at a later date.

See the Cup tree here.

Monster Energy is sponsoring R10,000 to the DGL 2012 Championships Monster Energy is sponsoring R10,000 to the DGL 2012 Championships

Newcomers Cup

It's a Big Sunday for the Newcomers Cup as EZC<-MW3-> and SSEMW3; BoB~101~ and BoB*EDGE*; and DzG|Masters and [DoG]Alpha face each other in the quarter finals. Meanwhile, ICE *Blast* and w2P-A- have already played their quarter final match of which w2P won Underground 13 – 9 and Seatown 13 – 7.

Check out the Cup tree here.

To understand more about how the teams will be placed into divisions from the Playoffs, read this article.

So who's going to win their games on Sunday? State your thoughts below.

(Leg 2 registrations are open here).

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