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Modern Warfare 3: What a Year It Was

Ninety teams. Each team: five players with three reserves. Search and Destroy.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3’s inaugural year kicked off with a bang.

Teams started with a seeding leg to set the Premier League and team divisions, and some of the Do Gaming League (DGL) stalwarts launched their offensives right away.

Bravado formed their Modern Warfare 3 (MW3) team from their own Call of Duty 4 ranks and the 2011 Call of Duty 4 (CoD4) Champions, BFB, extended their strategic experience in CoD to the newest in the DGL. Other top seeded DGL teams – namely Immersion, impi and xTc - made their move from other competitive titles like Black Ops and CoD4.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 Modern Warfare 3's first year in the Do Gaming League certainly made its mark.

The first leg of the League saw the teams compete in 16 groups to earn a spot in the Premier, First, Second and Third divisions. Monster Gaming, Bravado, Vertex, xTc, impi and Ventus topped their groups.

Following the seeding leg, Impi and Vitriolic met in the Champions Cup finals of the MW3 DGL first leg playoffs. Impi’s Marco “peWpeW” Erasmus dominated the match, giving impi the chance to clinch the win.

Bravado Gaming managed a clean sweep in Call of Duty, both CoD4 and MW3 in the second leg, dominating in both competitive leagues.

But first division team 32B|Red began making its mark, pushing ASF (formerly Vitriolic) out of the second leg Champions Cup playoffs to meet Bravado in the Finals. 32B|Red also acquired veteran Call of Duty players Thys ‘CuRz3D’ Hustwayte and Stephan ‘St1fler’ Roetz from xTc’s disbanded MW3 team.

Monster Gaming’s two MW3 teams were shaking up the league and they would continue to do so until the end, meeting in the semi-finals for this leg. Speculation and past performance suggested that mG | MW3 would go through to the finals, rather than mG | KHAOS. But KHAOS took the win against their teammates, while Bravado earned a hard-fought victory against impi to secure a spot in the finals.

mG Khaos mG KHAOS bested their teammates mG | MW3 to meet Bravado in the second leg Champions Cup finals.

Unfortunately, mG | KHAOS couldn’t keep its winning streak going, losing to 2 – 0 to Bravado in the Leg 3 Champions Cup Playoffs.

The third leg saw trouble for two teams: Renegades (formerly part of ASF) suffered an overtime defeat by rQ-Risen and was relegated to the First Division, while Divine Gaming chose to retire its team, following line-up issues.


DGC 2012 With the league at an end, the DGL's top seeded Modern Warfare 3 teams arrived at the 2012 Do Gaming Championships.

With the league over, the teams headed to the Do Gaming Championships (DGC) 2012. Saturday’s group stages progressed quickly with few surprises and hard-fought maps signalling victory for some and defeat for others.

Monster Gaming’s two MW3 teams, Energy and Khaos, again met in a Monster semi-final. Team mates turned into rivals as Energy flew off the starting blocks, taking the first few rounds in quick succession. Energy stumbled and Khaos seized their opportunity. But it wasn’t enough to keep Energy at bay as they took the win 13 – 11 to move into the finals. Bravado earned their place in the DGC finals after beating Xperts@Total.Chaos xTC 13 – 0.

The moment had arrived: the final of Modern Warfare 3 at the 2012 DGC. Spectators gathered behind the teams as mG Energy and Bravado prepared to do battle. Bravado started off well, securing a 3 – 0 lead and shutting Energy out. But Energy’s quick retaliation put them back on the map and the teams equalised round after round until Bravado ended the first map 13 – 11.

Uncharacteristically, the Bravado team battled their way through the second and third overtime maps, despite winning key rounds to keep mG Energy on their toes. But Energy held firm, winning the 2012 Modern Warfare 3 DGC.

mG Energy mG Energy fought their way to the top to become the 2012 Modern Warfare 3 Do Gaming Champions.

Modern Warfare 3's run at the DGL proved to be incredibly exciting and a year full of great Call of Duty action. Who will dominate CoD in DGL 2013?

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