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Trends Showing in Modern Warfare 3 DGL

There are some trends beginning to show in the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 (MW3) DGL 2012, brought to you by Megarom, Alienware and Monster Energy, with some top teams pulling away in the groups and beginning to dominate.

It's the fourth week of play this week so there's a strong chance things will end the way they look now.

Group A

MG|-MW3 has pulled away with a lead in Group A, after having played four games, while FFL.eXe is coming second. However, they've only played three games. Despite [eViL][TeSA] having played four, they're still coming in third so it looks like this week will be the big decider, as both the top teams clash for this week of play.

Group C

[A10] has pulled away in Group C with a two point lead over SSF-Dark Matter. These two teams clashed in the second week of play with A10 having enjoyed a 19 – 5 win, and with A10 facing current fifth placer [AE7]::.R² in week 5 and third placer HpX|Gameover |GO this week, the latter game could either solidify A10's dominance or create an upset. We'll have to see.

Group D

Interestingly, Group D has impi>mw3 running at first place having played three games with nine points, with -=PsY=-BliX coming second after playing four games and having eight points. It's a bit of a difficult group now with [GT]~i~ having pulled out, and unless LOA1Aequitas can pull off a significant win against impi this week, it looks like they will take the first spot for this leg.

Alienware is sponsoring five PC's to the MW3 the DGL 2012 Championships. Alienware is sponsoring five PC's to the MW3 the DGL 2012 Championships.

Group G

In Group G we're seeing pX~MW3 enjoying a two point lead over aE Blue for first place. It's unlikely pX will lose the top spot as they're facing [DzG]Razers and [DoG]Alpha in the coming weeks. Both of those teams are currently contending for fourth, and with the Razers having beaten Alpha with a 14 – 10 win in week 2, it looks like the former team is better set up to enjoy a higher placing in the leg.

Group H

It's Like a baws (LAB-Mw3-2012) that's got the current lead in Group H with rQ-Risen at second. Risen faces Neos`Quasar this week, which could help the former team since the latter has a low score on the rankings at the moment, while BoTs has an opportunity to cause an upset in week 5 as they face LAB. LAB is looking significantly stronger here so, again, we might already be seeing the winners for this group.

Group I

[xTc]MW3 is only just trailing ahead in Group I against FLG-Tactical.exe. If both teams manage a win this week against their opponents, [AE7] ~R and [CoN] respectively, the last week of play is going to be the most exciting as xTc and FLG-Tactical face then. There's good reason to think things are going to go this way.

Group J

Group J has RMC_E in the lead over VINTAGE1-MW3 by three points. Interestingly enough, these two face this week. It's Vintage's time to shine as they could overturn the tables here which would make this the match to keep an eye on this week. And it looks like they're playing tonight.

Megarom has sponsored R50,000 to the DGL 2012 Championships. Megarom has sponsored R50,000 to the DGL 2012 Championships.

Group K

|KK|Knights have a two point lead against DnA:Rezonance in Group K, with Rezonance tie on points with |KK|Killers (although winning on rounds difference). This is creating an interesting scenario in the group. With Rezonance facing the Knights this week, there could really be a mix up in the group if Rezonance take the game. And they'll need to work hard because a Knights win could spell disaster for them, since the Killers face RTF`MW3 this week who haven't won any games the whole leg. So a Knights win could result in both of KK's teams dominating this group, with Rezonance having only one more chance in the last week to set the score straight with the Killers.

Group N

With only a one point lead in Group N, =PLg=~A will need to ensure they pull of a significant win against current second placers mMx.MW3 in the last week of play. It's likely that both teams will win their games this week, so the leg may very well boil down to just that one match-up.

Group O

Bravado continues to show its experience in Group O by keeping their lead against oR.mw3. Current third placers, [o.G]mw3, are really the only team that could change things up in the last week of play but that doesn't seem likely. It looks like Bravado are going to be a significant team in MW3 in addition to their significance in CoD4 already.

Group P

Then lastly, Group P has NCX1 in the lead against Lama|MW|, who is tied on points at second with aE'Vicious (although Lama has a better rounds difference). Lama and Vicious will no doubt be entering into their game this week with a lot of vigour as this is the game that will decide their place in the leg.

Monster Energy is sponsoring R10,000 to the DGL 2012 Championships Monster Energy is sponsoring R10,000 to the DGL 2012 Championships

The others

As to the remaining groups, we're still seeing ties in the first place so things are only really going to become clear there when this week of play is out.

See the results roster here (click on 'results log')

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