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Modern Warfare 3 DGL 2012 Underway

The scores for the DGL 2012 Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 first week of games, brought to you by Megarom and Monster, have been calculated and put up, with the first Group already seeing some teams who have played two games (pick and play plus their weekly match). So here are the results.

Group A

FFL.eXe won two of its games played, sitting pretty at the top with an equal score to Monster Energy Gaming but a rounds difference advantage, putting Monster second in the group for the week. =F8N= GSE lost one of its two games, bringing the team in third just above [eViL] who also lost one game out of two.

Alienware is sponsoring five PC's to the MW3 the DGL 2012 Championships. Alienware is sponsoring five PC's to the MW3 the DGL 2012 Championships.

Group B

While the top three teams in the group each have played and won one game, sitting equal in score, the rounds differences is what sets them apart. Band of Brothers (BoB) 187 has the number one position while Brotherhood of Rebellion (BR) Razerz takes second and Immersion's MW3 team has third. Given Immersion's CoD4 history, it's going to be interesting to see where this team ends up in MW3.

Group C

HyPr Xtreme (HpX) Gameover is enjoying the top spot in Group C, with SSF-Dark Matter and A10 vying for second place.

Megarom has sponsored R50,000 to the DGL 2012 Championships. Megarom has sponsored R50,000 to the DGL 2012 Championships.

Group D

Impi and Legion o Anubis' 1Aequitas team are tied equal at first, with two games played and two games won. Even the rounds difference is the same, showing some interesting development in this group.

Group E

32Battalion is enjoying first place with a rounds difference advantage in Group E, with DAC From the Ashes at second and Renegade coming third.

Monster Energy is sponsoring R10,000 to the DGL 2012 Championships Monster Energy is sponsoring R10,000 to the DGL 2012 Championships

Group F

Vitriolic has taken the top spot in this group but is competing on a rounds difference score against Neverland Gaming, sitting at second.

Group G

FUD is currently enjoying the top spot but managed to get there on rounds difference, with PaRaDoX and aE Blue coming second and third respectively.

Group H

It's Requiem's Risen team who's on the top here with Neos Gaming coming second, with just a little less on rounds difference.

Group I

Coming in at first, second and third (in that order) are Con$script, [xTc]'s MW3 team and FLG-Tactical.exe. Each are separated by rounds difference.

Group J

It's the Rusty Marine Corps (RMC_E) who are at the first spot, only due to a better rounds difference with teaM vintaGe at second. Once again, given a CoD4 history, it will be interesting to see how vintaGe continues throughout this leg. flAsh Gaming Clan is sitting in third, due to having lost its game this last week.

Group K

Separated by rounds difference in first, second and third respectively, is Death or Glory (DoG) Phoenix, Fight or Die (FoD) and then |KK|Knights.

Group L

BoB's m|E|s team is sitting in first with a rounds difference advantage over We Stand Together (WsT).

Group M

With all having played one game and won their games, the difference in scores is once again contested with a rounds difference, with VoiD Elite coming first, ORoFO-Alpha Dogs second and LOA BoW at third.

Group N

The two top contestants for the week have been ICE Avalanche and mMx.MW3, both with one game played and won. ICE comes first with a rounds difference advantage.

Group O

Bravado Gaming – made up of CoD4 stalwarts – has topped this group the last week by a significant rounds difference margin. We'll have to see if they can continue to do the same throughout the leg.

Group P

Thanks to SAPS and A10 pulling out the leg early, The Lama's are sitting at the top spot of Group P with NCX1 coming second.

Too Early

It's still too early to extract any predictions just yet or to start spotting the big contenders for this League. Results for this week's games will be posted once the scores are all confirmed.

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