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MG Poised to Take Bravado?

It's a hugely anticipated showdown tonight in the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 (MW3) DGL 2012, brought to you by Alienware, Megarom and Monster Energy, as mG go up against Bravado in a game where mG are on the verge of breaking the Bravado winning streak.

Bravado are currently second in the MW3 logs with three wins and one draw, while mG are enjoying a clear run of wins. Bravado's draw came in their match against BR|Razerz (week 2) where they had to forfeit a map due to allegations around map exploits.

That controversy aside, the really interesting story lies in the fact that 32B | Red came close to turning the tables on the powerhouse last week in a match that saw two draws and only one win to Bravado. Things started off in Bravado's favour, with a 13 – 8 score on Arkaden, but 32B forced the next two maps (Underground and Alpha) into a draw – this despite losing Gareth 'FrEaKy' Glanville (now in mG KHAOS) and therefore sporting a different line-up.

Alienware is sponsoring five PC's to the MW3 DGL 2012 Championships. Alienware is sponsoring five PC's to the MW3 DGL 2012 Championships.

Pieter 'SinisteR' Le Roux (previously from ASF), who recently joined the team, partnered with Stephan 'St1fler' Roetz on SMG. This was previously played by Paul 'Failure' van Niekerk's (also the captain), who moved over to Assault to partner with Thys 'CuRz3D' Hustwayte. This set up really worked, with manager Nicky 'D00M' Bezuidenhout saying the guys really clicked.

“I was impressed with their communication. We'll have to see tonight if it was just luck on the night or not,” he says.

Tonight things will change a bit as well as 32B face impi. Ryno 'Attack' Marx has recently re-joined the team and he'll be filling in for Mark 'Azrael' Lawton.

“It's another big game for us and we hope we can take it,” says Bezuidenhout.

Megarom has sponsored R50,000 to the DGL 2012 Championships. Megarom has sponsored R50,000 to the DGL 2012 Championships.

This strong performance against Bravado, along with Bravado's draw above, has tainted the 'untouchables' psychological advantage that Bravado has mostly enjoyed up until now. MG are therefore very well poised to take a win tonight and they are working hard to do so, says manager Brandon 'broKeN_' De Beer.

“We're stratting all of today and are putting in a lot of work. We played a few friendlies last night against our second team and that was a great wake-up call for us,” he says. “We know where we're going wrong and we're refining our strats. We want to win tonight.”

MG are on a mission to make sure the other MW3 teams know they're one to be reckoned with.

“Our aim is to go into the DGL 2012 Championships with a good position,” says De Beer.

Monster Energy is sponsoring R10,000 to the DGL 2012 Championships Monster Energy is sponsoring R10,000 to the DGL 2012 Championships

How are Bravado approaching tonight's game? Sean 'r0adrunner' Grobler, captain of the team, says they are quite chilled and confident, but are approaching it seriously.

“It's our biggest match this leg and it's going to be a good game – so we're approaching it with a serious mindset. We want to win,” he says. “Our match against 32B was a good wake-up call. They're very good but we're also focusing a lot on studies right now and haven't been able to get much practice in. It was the right thing to happen for us to get us into the correct mindset for tonight.”

So will mG break the back of Bravado or will Bravado manage to pull ahead in what is becoming a challenging leg for them? It's happening at 8:30 tonight. There might be streaming as well – Check out the match thread for details.

The line-ups


Raphael 'Swiss 4.20' Herles
Brandon 'broKeN_' De Beer
Marco 'peWpeW' Erasmus
Shaun 'Volklol' Toerien
Matthew 'MattZoR' Putter


Sean 'r0adrunner' Grobler
Steyn 'Vindicator' Grobler
Wesley 'Stain' Neveling
Jan 'takbok1' Theron
Andrew 'zen' Ferguson
Jacques 'Python' du Toit (Reserve)

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