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DGL Blog: Every leg Im shufflin

Lets face it, everyone likes promotions. Progress is the ultimate motivator for any team. But what happens when two Premier teams start off in Fourth Division and claim the top 2 promotion slots, denying yet again, that poor team who is good enough to be in the First Division? Tears happen.

The entire promotion system as you knew it has been thrown out of the window, so focus chaps.

See you in 3 years, bud...

In the past we had a promotion system where after each leg, two teams moved up, and two moved down. That was all fine and well when we had around two or three divisions looking after 30 odd clans, but now we’re approaching 100 clans per league and the previous system simply did not scale well. To put the problem into perspective, if we were to use the old system system this year it would take around 3 years for a new team to reach the Premier Division. That’s no fun.

Honey we’re home!

For medium sized leagues such as BF3 and COD4, it will only take two legs to reach the Premier Division.

With the new system, at the end of each leg teams will take part in Playoffs, which are single elimination cups. Depending on the division and position, teams will qualify for one of three Cups.

The first cup is the Champions Cup. This cup generally consists of the Premiership and First division teams. The next cup is the Novice cup, which consists of First Division, Second Division and Third Division teams. The final Cup is called the Newcomer Cup and consists of Third and Fourth Division teams.

For large leagues such as MW3 (with over 90 teams), it will take just three legs to go from the Fourth Division all the way up to the Premier Division. For medium sized leagues such as BF3 and COD4, it will only take two legs to reach the Premier Division.

Example 1 - MW3 Leg 2 Playoffs

We can’t use the Leg 1 playoffs as a good example because they cater for seeding divisions, which is abnormal. We will be using the MW3 Leg 2 Playoffs in this example.

In the above image you can see how teams move back and forth between the divisions and cups. You can see clearly here how teams can skip the Second Division completely if they are good enough.

Example 2 – BF3 & COD4 Leg 2 Playoffs

Again we cannot use the leg 1 Playoffs as an example.

The above image shows how there is no Newcomer Cup, meaning that teams in the Third, Second and First Divisions can quickly move around between legs. Breaking into the Champions Cup is still a big challenge and rightly so.

Lets pretend we're a new team and we have just been placed into the Third Division. These are the goals we should set to reach the Premier Division as soon as possible:

1) Finish top 8 in the Third Division to qualify for the Novice Cup.
2) Finish top 8 in the Novice Cup to be promoted to the First Division.
3) Finish top 8 in the First Division to qualify for the Champions Cup.
4) Finish top 8 in the Champions Cup to be promoted to the Premier Division.

So far we have put up the playoff plans for BF3, MW3 and COD4 on our knowledgebase. The links below explain how the playoffs will work for Leg 1 through to leg 3.

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