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DGL 2013 Registrations Open

The Do Gaming League (DGL) has officially opened registrations for the DGL 2013 season!

Head over to the DGL website and sign up! The site features a new quick-menu system on the right that includes quick access to the games for 2013 as well as quick access to clan management, your player profile and information / our knowledge base. Or click on this page for a list of the games supported and to register.

The 2013 season looks set to be the biggest Do Gaming League year since its inception with twelve titles supported overall – and some of those titles include two different styles of play (for example, Starcraft 2 1 v 1 and 2 v 2).

Due to the high demand for more titles to be supported within the DGL, the supported games have been divided into two categories – Premier Games and League Games. Premier Games are the titles that are expected to draw the most numbers (and be the most competitive). As a result, these will more than likely be played at the Do Gaming Championships (DGC) and will also receive sponsors. Furthermore, due to their popularity, these titles will also get the most coverage from the Do Gaming news site. However, that's not to say that any of the League Games will not be played at the DGC. There could be exceptions depending on demand and how the year goes.

Throughout the year a title can be upgraded to Premier status if that title becomes very popular. It depends on how the community around the title grows. The obvious implication is that gamers should promote their favourite game as much as possible so that the DGL can allocate its resources appropriately.

Furthermore, Robert 'iNFy' Hart, Do Gaming League Director says that after last year's League, next year's season looks to be more competitive than ever in some titles while in others gamers are looking for more social play.

"We've rated each of the games in the league as either 'highly competitive' or 'casual', so that gamers know which to enter," he says. "We have gamers who are looking for a highly competitive league as well as gamers who are looking for a social league. The DGL provides both."

So, what are the games that the DGL is supporting in 2013? Here we go:

Premier Games:

• Counter-Strike: GO
• DotA 2
• League of Legends
• Call of Duty: Black Ops 2
• Battlefield 3

League Games:

• Call of Duty 4
• Medal of Honor: Warfighter (dependant on entries)
• Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 (dependant on entries)
• Starcraft II (1v1)
• Starcraft II (2v2)
• Quake Live (1v1)
• Quake Live (2v2)
• FIFA 13 - PC
• FIFA 13 - PS3
• FIFA 13 - Xbox 360 (dependant on entries)
• Gran Turismo 5
• Forza 4

Register at this page – just find the game you want to register for and click 'game page' and then 'register' on the right.

Modern Warfare 3 / FIFA 13 Xbox 360

Both Modern Warfare 3 and FIFA 13 on Xbox 360 were previously going to be excluded but have now been included due to numerous requests from the community. However, these will not be hosted if a certain number of entries are not reached.

Modern Warfare 3 requires 50 more teams to register while FIFA on Xbox 360 requires 75 players or more to register before these leagues will be hosted by the DGL in 2013.

New to the DGL?

Gamers who are new can check out this article for details on how the DGL works.

To register, first join Do Gaming.

Then simply register for a game that interests you by going here. If you want to register for a team game, you need to be in a clan first. Check out the clan list and see who is recruiting. Once in a clan page, click 'join this clan' to message the owner.

Also keep an eye out on the Do Gaming League forum to see who is recruiting. You can also create a post with your details and experience and see who might be interested in giving you a try-out.

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