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DGL 2012 Sign-Ups Very Interesting

Registrations for the first leg of the DGL 2012 close at the end of this month and we've been seeing a steady increase of sign-ups. The numbers showcase some interesting trends that may or may not continue throughout the year.

Firstly, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 so far has 47 teams signed up, while Call of Duty 4 (traditionally the biggest league) sees 24 sign-ups. This may have a lot to do with the fact that a substantial amount of cash prizes already confirmed for the title (R50,000 courtesy of Megarom; R10,000 courtesy of Monster).

However, this doesn't mean there will be no cash prizes for Call of Duty 4 or any of the other titles where nothing has been confirmed on prizes yet. All it means is that prizes for those titles have not yet been confirmed – not that there will be no prizes.

Battlefield 3, which has a confirmed prize pool of R100,000, thanks to EA and Gaming Inc currently has 25 teams signed up. There are significant prizes at stake so gamers should get their teams signed up if they want to enjoy the spoils.

Starcraft 2 is enjoying 124 registered players. It's going to be an exciting competition this year!

FIFA 12 on Xbox 360 sees 24 and FIFA 12 on PS3 sees 59 players. Gran Turismo 5 is enjoying 52 players signed up thus-far while Forza 4 sees 32. It's great to see the console leagues are getting a good response.

Meanwhile, Gears of War 3 sees one team signed up. Rules for the game will be released soon, so other teams waiting on the rules should be made happy quite soon.

Also, don't forget that we've launched a DotA 2 Beta Cup.

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