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DGL 2012 Sees Tons of PC Registrations

The Do Gaming League (DGL) 2012 registrations will be closing at the end of January and it already sees some great numbers in games both new and old.

On the PC side of things the two newest games are hitting some good numbers so far. With already a combined prize pool of R160 000 for both Battlefield 3 and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3, the year is set to take off quickly with great times ahead.

Battlefield 3:

The Do Gaming BF3 League sees 22 teams entered so far (teams of ten players minimum) all competing for the R100k prize money sponsored by Electronic Arts and Gaming Inc. Gamers can check out the set of provisional rules here and can still register for the League here.

Battlefield 3 is sure to open up a whole new dynamic in team-based first person shooter games as the game is not just a man and his gun anymore but there are so many factors involved with four different classes as well as the use of tanks, helicopters, jets and armoured vehicles. It’s a new league and it is truly up for grabs. With a few Battlefield 2 and Bad Company 2 favourites involved, it’s surely one to watch this year.

Modern Warfare 3:

The Do Gaming Call of Duty: MW3 League has reached numbers of up to 34 teams so far (teams of six players minimum) who will be fighting it out in the game for the R60k grand prize sponsored by Megarom and Monster Energy. The registrations for the MW3 League are open and gamers can register here for the league.

There are a lot of new faces in the MW3 League and there are also one or two seasoned veterans from the Call of Duty 4 Leagues of previous years. The League begins on 7 February and is sure to spark some fierce competition amongst first person shooter fans around the country.

StarCraft 2:

The Do Gaming SC2 League is still buzzing along nicely and so far has 111 registrants. The competition will be scheduled to take place throughout the year in the same league format as last year and Travis ‘Shase’ Weedon will be keen to retain his title as DGL 2011 Champion.

Last year, Weedon took home some insane prizes including a Samsung gaming laptop, a Samsung 27 inch 3D 120Hz screen, a Samsung Galaxy S2 phone and a Samsung 2TB external Hard Drive. He also won R3,750 in cash from Telkom at the Championships and managed to grab another Samsung laptop in the third Leg of the 2011 League season by placing top in the Premier Division.

Gamers can register for the StarCraft 2 League for 2012 here.

Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare:

The Do Gaming COD4 League is back again in 2012 and so far sees 17 teams (teams of six players) registered.

BFB Lard, winners and DGL Champions of 2011 have not yet entered into the League and still might not this year as their focus might have shifted to Battlefield 3. That leaves the number one spot open to a brand new team as Bravado, last years' second placers, are also not listed.

However, there are a few familiar teams who have registered and it looks to be another great, competitive year for the longest standing DGL game to date.

Gamers can register for the Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare 2012 DGL here.

Remaining games for 2012 on PC

As the registrations are fast approaching the closing date, the rFactor League registrations don’t seem to be picking up so it might not have a place in the DGL 2012.

That’s not all though because we are expecting some big numbers for the upcoming games DotA 2 and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive this year when the games finally launch. More information and registration details will release later this year at the appropriate time.

As many gamers may already know, both games are in the beta stages and we should be looking forward to seeing a release in the upcoming months; definitely before the first half of the year is over.

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