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Championship Line-up Changes and Family and Friend Passes

Hey Do Gamers,

Roster Unlocks for the Championships

Please note that all Do Gaming Championship team rosters will be unlocked this coming Monday to allow teams to making last minute changes.

Ensure that your line-up maintains the required number of core players.

Rosters will be unlocked from Monday 24 September at 8am to Tuesday 25 September at 2pm.

Friends and Family Passes for the Championships

VC LAN have clarified their rules regarding the Family and Friend passes.

When people want to get access to the DGL LAN as a family member or friend, limited access will be allowed under certain conditions:

1. Friends and Family passes must be applied for at the DGL VC LAN registration tables (where they do the power tests and you hand in your DGL tickets) .
2. The applying persons need to be accompanied by a gamer from the DGL LAN.
3. The applying persons are not allowed to bring in or take out equipment.
4. The applying persons are not allowed access to the expo (Should they wish to go to the expo they need to buy a ticket at the expo entrance)
5. Passes need to be returned to the registration desk.
6. VC LAN will use their discretion to limit the amount of people access.
7. The applying persons do not get the pass from the NAG LAN entrance.
8. We may remove any person from the DGL area at our own discretion.


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