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ASF Sees Changes in MW3

ASF have recently acquired a new Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 (MW3) team that were previously mostly from Renegade Gaming (Ren), while ASF's old MW3 team has moved to join Monster Energy Gaming (mG).

These are interesting moves and took some logistics to get working in terms of keeping enough core players for both teams to retain their Premier League status. ASF and mG are sorted, but looking at Ren's clan page, it wasn't able to field another team and, in fact, there don't appear to be any teams playing for the clan at the moment.

The new ASF Renegades.TT team therefore has Graham 'Janseng' at the helm with these players:

Graham 'janseng' Jansen (Captain)
Rynhardt 'Doomiii' Geldenhuys (Vice-Captain)
Anrich 'PrivaTe' Beetge
Pieter 'SinisteR' Le Roux
Pieter 'TriGGeR' Dreyer
Henk 'quakeR' Steyn (Reserve)
Florian 'viXXer' Grahl (Reserve)
Danny 'OverFiend' Niemandt (not listed on DGL roster but part of the team)

The new ASF team sees players with some considerable Call of Duty experience along with some newer players to competitive gaming in the form of Steyn and Geldenhuys. Le Roux hails from DAC while Grahl and Dreyer are previously from KK Killers. Out of all the players, Niemandt started in Call of Duty 4 and played for DRK. He moved over to Black Ops and played for (the then) Ventus gaming (Vitriolic, now ASF). In the 2011 NGL Black Ops League, his team enjoyed a second placing.

Beetge is from the old ASF team but didn't transfer over to mG. He is also no stranger to the team after originally hailing from Ren in Call of Duty: Black Ops for the NGL last year.

Niemandt isn't listed on the DGL rosters as it would affect the rule around core players, so he can't play until the transfer window. Jansen says he is quite happy to have him back and to sport this line-up.

“Joining ASF has given new life to the team,” he says, adding that the team is still sponsored by Tritton.

The original plan was actually for ASF to sport two MW3 teams with the new team as part of its repertoire. But the previous ASF team were in negotiations with mG and are now the new |mG|KHAOS. This has resulted in mG having two MW3 Premier teams and a team in the First Division, which – with the Playoff system – could find itself in Premier as well at the end of this leg.

The new ASF team is catching up on strats, says Jansen.

“We have played most Premier teams over the past two weeks and got some great results,” he says, but hints at it being too early to know whether they will cause an upset this leg. Pieter 'Cyrus Venter, co-owner of ASF, however seems confident that the new ASF team will bring in great results, hinting that a settling down has taken place.

Check out this frag video from the team:


Kasim 'CAWA' Ahmad, owner of mG, says they're hoping to see at least a top four finish this leg.

“With the transitions now complete we're hoping for good things. The second leg was a bit of a blur with all the line-up issues we were experiencing, but we're now operating well,” he says.

Here's mG Khaos' line-up:

Paolo 'tsar' Chella (Captain)
Matthew 'HazE' Stott (Vice-Captain)
L 'Forsaken' Basson
Tristan 'InSerT' Campher
Jason 'vYKk' Quevauvilliers
Bjorn 'i-R-n008' (Reserve)
Christopher 'Lucifer' (Reserve)
Glen 'Veritas' Naude (Reserve)

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