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ASF Seeing a Challenging CoD Leg

ASF's line-up challenges and team logistics has brought on a challenging leg for the team in both the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 (MW3) DGL 2012, brought to you by Alienware, Megarom and Monster Energy, and the Call of Duty 4 (CoD4) DGL, brought to you by Alienware. The line-up challenges have seen the team drop badly in this last leg's log with the newly assembled MW3 ASF Renegades team in particular looking like their last hope may be the Playoffs – if they don't want to drop to the First Division.

Renegades have lost two of their three games played and drawn one, putting them right at the bottom of the log with only three weeks left to play. Their recent loss was against 32B | Red with the scores showing 13 – 4 and 13 – 10 to 32B. That match was played on Wednesday night this week (week 4 of the leg) but was actually scheduled for last week (week 3). But because ASF couldn't field enough players for the match it was extended into week 4.

The reason why they couldn't field enough players was because their team-mate Pieter 'SinisteR' Le Roux joined 32B | Red in that week. Behind the scenes, ASF did have a player who could replace him – Danny 'OverFiend' Niemandt – who was announced to be a part of the team last month but couldn't be listed on the DGL roster until the transfer week due to the rules. This meant that neither Le Roux or Niemandt could technically play in the DGL until the transfer week, which was week 4.

Le Roux leaving behind the scenes in week 3 could look as if it forced the ASF team to play in week 4, opening up the opportunity for Le Roux to leave in the transfer period and subsequently give a huge advantage to 32B, since Le Roux would know ASF's strategies. Graham 'janseng' Jansen, ASF captain, says that this did make things difficult.

“It was kind of hard because [Le Roux] was with us for six months and knew all our strats,” he says.

Previously, at the match thread, Jansen said that, "poaching one of our players on the week we are set to play kinda [sic] puts us in [a] difficult spot.”

ASF however never lodged any complaints against 32B or Le Roux. According to Le Roux, the arrangement was an amicable one.

“I did speak to Jansen about me moving to 32B in the week before [week 3] and we agreed to play after the transfer window opened up,” he says.

ASF's core five is now Henk 'quakeR' Steyn, Danny 'OverFiend' Niemandt, Rynhardt 'Doomiii' Geldenhuys, Florian 'viXXer' Grahl and Jansen.

“We're still struggling with some teamwork but we will get there,” says Jansen. “Our main focus right now is the DGL 2012 Champs.”


On the CoD4 side, ASF are currently sitting fourth with two games lost and one victory. Their win was against iM in the first week, but the two losses came against BFB Regiment and xTc, both of these matches causing upsets in the CoD4 league.

Within the ASF CoD4 line-up this year, they've lost Jayden 'PhaTNooB' Schröder to Bravado while Ashley 'ashh' Hartmann was asked to leave. Morne 'hawk' Richard went to the U.S.

That left Dustin 'KoNtraBanN' Rhodes (the current captain), Burlin 'eP1dmC' Russouw and Leon 'techn1que' Visagie. According to Pieter 'Cyrus' Venter, co-owner of ASF, they recruited Ricky 'Blazer' De Gouveia from DI before the third leg started but he couldn't leave them until the transfer window, due to the rules.

“So we were forced to get players who weren't in a team yet, which meant we had to use players who don't play CoD4 at all: Steyn and Niemandt from the MW3 team,” he says. “John 'Fingazz' Langford was brought back from the dead to sub after not playing for over a year but his Internet issues all the way from Namibia caused challenges.”

Now, however, Richard is back from the U.S. and with the transfer window now open, De Gouveia can finally play for the team.

“The match against Divine Gaming is going to be totally different,” Venter says.

The Championships

ASF are going to need to put in a lot of hard work if they want to be a serious contender for the Telkom DGL 2012 Championships, particularly if they have their eye on first prize. In fact, with all the player movements in both CoD leagues, many of the teams are in a similar position. Things will need to settle down now if contenders want to have a solid and communicative team by the Champs.

And does all this player movement actually help e-Sports?

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