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All About the Do Gaming Championships

The Do Gaming Championships is the annual culmination of the Do Gaming League season. The very best players and teams who are competing in the Do Gaming league are invited to compete in the Do Gaming Championships. The winners are awarded with massive prizes and are forever known as Do Gaming Champions!

2011 Do Gaming Championships


After completing the final leg of the Do Gaming League, the top teams and players are invited to take part in the finals, known as the Do Gaming Championships. First held in 2008 when Telkom joined with AGASA to create Do Gaming, the Championships have grown to become the largest annual E-sport event in South Africa.


The Do Gaming Championships have traditionally been held at the rAge Expo, except in 2010 when the Do Gaming Championships were held at Gallagher estate in Midrand.

Due to the relationship with the venue, the Do Gaming Championship has earned the community created nickname “The rAge Comp”.

The rAge Expo is held annually in October at the Coca-Cola Dome. In 2008 the Do Gaming Championships were held in the NAG LAN upstairs. In 2009, 2011 and 2012 the Do Gaming Championships have been held in the conference center on the lowest floor.

2008 Do Gaming Championship

The first ever Do Gaming Championship was held in the NAG LAN at rAge. The event catered for Call of Duty 4 and Counter-Strike: Source. <8or9> Cyborgs won the Call of Duty 4 Championship, First in Battle won the Battlefield 2 Championship and Bravado won the Counter-Strike: Source Championship.  

Do Gaming Championships 2008

2009 Do Gaming Championship

The 2009 Do Gaming Championship boasted R50,000 cash prizes sponsored by Telkom, as well as R60,000 worth of prizes sponsored by Logitech.

Brazen went on to become the 2009 Do Gaming Champions for Call of Duty 4, winning R25,000 in the process.  Click here to view the COD4 final in pictures.

Stephen 'Vitrolic' White

The Counter-Strike Source Championship was won by Caucasian Persuasion who took home R15,000.

Counter-Strike Source Do Gaming Championship

First in Battle’s team Terra won the Battlefield 2 Championship. The team beat FIB Ventus in the finals, winning R10,000.

2009 Do Gaming Champs

Alongside the Do Gaming Championship, Do Gaming also held the Telkom EA FIFA 10 Roadshow. Matthew Bosch beat Jared Chetty in the Grand Final. The win got Matthew a trip to the UK to watch Chelsea and Arsenal play at Stamford Bridge in what was a key game in the English Premier League in 2010.

EA & Telkom FIFA Roadshow

2010 Do Gaming Championship

Trying something new, the 2010 Do Gaming Championships were split in three – The Online Championships, the preliminary final and the Grand Final. The Online Championship was held for game titles which required an internet connection. These titles included StarCraft 2 and Battlefield Bad Company 2. The Preliminary finals (LAN) were held at Organised Chaos in CapeTown, followed a week later by the Grand Finals (LAN) held by Organised Chaos at Gallagher Estate in MidRand.

The 2010 Online Championships

The 2010 Online Championships had a R36,000 prize pool sponsored by Telkom.

The StarCraft 2 Online Championship boasted a cash pool of R12,800. Travis “Shase” Weedon won the event and received R6,000 in cash.

Synergy Gaming won the Battlefield Bad Company 2 Championships. The team won R12,000.

The 2010 LAN Championships

While the COD4 Preliminary Finals in Capetown was won by Big Fat B*stards, the COD4Grand Finals were won by Ventus who walked away with the first place prize of R25,000. Click here to read about the R160,000 prize pool.

2010 Do Gaming Preliminary Finals

Bravado’s Counter-Strike Source team pushed forward, beating Mint Gaming in the Grand Finals to win R15,000.

2011 Do Gaming Championship

The 2011 Championship marked the end to a gaming cycle with both Counter-Strike and Call of Duty 4 nearing the end of their shelf life. The 2011 Championships also marked the beginning of the online-only competitive era for South Africans with the introduction of StarCraft 2 in a LAN environment (played online).

Held once again at the rAge Expo, the event saw 32 COD4 teams, 16 CS1.6 teams, 32 FIFA 12 players and 16 StarCraft 2 players meet to compete for R160,000 in cash prizes sponsored by Telkom. The StarCraft 2 Championships were sponsored by Samsung who provided massive prizes (Highend Laptop, Smartphone and 3D LED LCD)  as well as paid for the players flights, food and accommodation.  

Big Fat Bastards finally clenched their first Championship, winning the COD4 Championships in a tense battle against Bravado.


Damage Control put a stop to Bravado’s Counter-Strike dominance by beating them in the Counter-Strike 1.6 Do Gaming Championship.

BVD's CS Team

Travis “Shase” Weedon, winner of the 2010 Do Gaming Online Championship won once again, beating newcomer Hellshound in the finals.


Rolando 'RoLo_87' De Aveiro went undefeated in the FIFA 11 Do Gaming Championship.

The FIFA Finals

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2012 Do Gaming Championship

The 2012 Do Gaming Championship is our largest to date with a total of 600 seats available and half a million rand worth of prizes up for grabs. The conference room used in 2009 has been merged with the conference room we used in 2011 to create an enormous area, boasting the highest concentration of gaming skill ever seen in RSA.

Telkom Do Gaming has once again bought the LAN tickets for you, meaning those who have qualified get in for FREE!

The Schedule

The Coca Cola Dome

On Friday the 5th of October we open our doors, allowing players to setup and practice before the official matches begin the following day. Players checking in on Friday must collect their tickets from our staff before 7pm.

Sign in closes at 7am on Saturday the 6th of October. The captains meeting will follow at 8am where our head admins will instruct the team leaders.

The first matches begin at 9am straight. We have a no nonsense policy, so don’t be late!

Lunch is at 12pm and ends at 1pm on Saturday. Matches begin again at 1:20pm.

All matches besides the finals must be completed on the Saturday and any delays mean we could continue late into the night. The key to success will be to ensure you are fit, hydrated and focused throughout the day.

The finals will be held at 9am on Sunday, followed by the prize giving at 12pm.

rAge closes its doors at 3pm, so make sure you are packed up and ready to go before then.

2012 Do Gaming Championship Game Titles

Battlefield 3
Sponsored by EA, Gaming Inc & Alienware

In the aftermath of First in Battle’s (FIB) demise, teams continue to fight for the Championship and the MASSIVE prizes on offer. Thanks to EA, Gaming Inc and Alienware, the prize pool has grown to an enormous R100,000 in cash as well as EIGHT Alienware X51 Machines! Teams have everything to play for, but only one can emerge the winner.

Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3
Sponsored by Monster Energy Drinks, Megarom & Alienware

In the beginning of the 2012 Season we saw Impi take the top step. Bravado then stepped up and showed everyone exactly why they are so respected by the Do Gaming Community. Can Bravado maintain their performance or will one of the other teams rise up to steal the glory? With R60,000 cash and FIVE Alienware X51 PC’s on the line, coming second just  won’t cut it.

Call of Duty 4
Sponsored by Telkom and Alienware

They said COD4 would die down... well they were wrong. The 2012 COD4 season was one of the most successful yet. The community maintained over 55 teams throughout the Season in what must be one of the best yet.

StarCraft 2
Sponsored by Logitech

The StarCraft 2 community raised their war flags in 2012, producing some of the best gamers we have ever witnessed. Will PandaTank continue to dominate the scene, or will Shase win his third Do Gaming Championship in a row? Logitech is sponsoring R50,000 in cash prizes, so whoever wins is going home very happy!

FIFA 12 (PS3 & Xbox 360)
Sponsored by Telkom

In 2011 we combined the Xbox 360 and PS3 FIFA Championships, putting them all against one another. Do Gaming listens to the community and will host separate Championships for each of the two communities.

Gran Turismo 5
Sponsored by Telkom

David Peetham has gone undefeated throughout the year in the Do Gaming GranTurismo 5 league. However he needs to do it all over again at the Do Gaming Championships, where he will race among the top 10 GT5 drivers in South Africa for huge cash prizes!


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