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Alienware Sponsors Do Gaming League

Alienware will be giving away X51 Alienware desktops at the Do Gaming 2012 Championships worth over a quarter of a million rand.

Gavin Slevin, Dell Retail Manager, says the X51 range is Alienware’s latest offering, designed to lower the barrier for gamers wanting to play on Alienware products.

“Alienware is a premium gaming product, but we’re looking to grow our footprint and make the brand more accessible to a broader base of gamers,” he says.

As a result, the X51 machine will have an entry-level recommended retail price (RRP) starting at R9 999.

Furthermore, Alienware’s X51 machine will be highly customisable, allowing gamers to change the processor, graphics card, amount of memory and hard drive capacity as required.

The Alienware X51 Desktop The Alienware X51 Desktop

“We’re excited to sponsor the Do Gaming League and give away machines at the Championships. At rAge last year we sponsored Alienware laptops on the Telkom Do Gaming stand, allowing gamers to play Battlefield 3 on Alienware hardware before the game had launched internationally,” he says.

Along with the X51, which comes with a keyboard and mouse which will be given away to players in the Battlefield 3, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 and Call of Duty 4 and StarCraft II competitions at the Championships.

“Sponsoring the Do Gaming League gives us greater exposure to a broader base of gamers and most importantly, it’s about giving more gamers the chance to play on Alienware machines,” he says.

The Alienware X51 Desktop The Alienware X51 Desktop

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