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Who is This 32B Rising in the Ranks?

Gamers who have been keeping a keen eye on the Telkom DGL 2012 Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 season, brought to you by Alienware, Megarom and Monster Energy, would have noticed the rising of 32Battallion (32B) | Red, who came from the First Division in the last leg to oust ASF out of the playoffs and win a map against Bravado with a whopping 13 – 5 score. But who are these guys? What makes them tick? What are their plans? Do Gaming wanted to find out more. So we asked Mark 'Azrael' Lawton, a leader in the clan, a few questions.

32B was originally formed by Nicky 'D00M' Bezuidenhout and Koos 'Pr3d@t0r’ Bezuidenhout as a Modern Warfare 2 clan. It started out as a friendly clan but grew into competitive gaming as time went by. When Black Ops came around the clan moved into that, with Bezuidenhout and Paul ‘Failure’ van Niekerk leading. They made the premier league in the Black Ops NAG Gaming League (NGL) but had to step down due to personal problems that hit one of the clan members.

After a brief but strong comeback 32B moved over to Modern Warfare 3 and entered the DGL, looking to gain a foothold on the Premier teams, says Lawton.

Alienware is sponsoring five PC's to the MW3 the DGL 2012 Championships. Alienware is sponsoring five PC's to the MW3 the DGL 2012 Championships.

Currently the team consists of the following players:

Thys 'CuRz3D.PG' Hustwayte (Captain) – Assault
Mark 'Azrael.PG' Lawton (Vice-Captain) – Sniper
Paul 'Failure.PG' van Niekerk – SMG
Gareth 'FrEaKy.PG' Glanville – Assault
Stephan 'St1fler.PG' Roetz – SMG
Roan 'BeX.PG' Bekker (Reserve) – SMG
Nicky 'D00M.PG' Bezuidenhout (Reserve and manager) – Assault

Roetz and Hustwayte are new recruits having come from the defunct xTc MW3 team. Lawton says they've gelled very well with 32B.

“We enjoy having a laugh with them - beating ASF, mG and taking a map against Bravado has made us happy with our progress into the MW3 competitions and has made it worth while in putting in time and effort into the game,” he says.

Lawton's comments on the effort being put in ring true. Currently the guys set aside time every night to clanny.

“We rotate our players to get some game time. Serious practice and team discussions happen twice a week with the core five players we choose to field,” Lawton says.

The clan seems big on friendships. They don't just enjoy Modern Warfare 3 but also DotA 2, Diablo 3 and Sniper Elite. But Lawton says a few retro gems like Dungeon Defenders gets the friendships gelling. And it's not just that which is contributing to their success but also the skill of the players.

“We are lucky to have players with immense individual skill and players that can focus and get stuck in when playing the big games. This definitely helps when you are in the heat of the moment. We also try and implement strategies that other teams would not try e.g. letting the sniper bomb carry, and that seems to be paying off so far. Communication is also key as sometimes its far more valuable to call what's happening around you than to try and frag,” he says.

Megarom has sponsored R50,000 to the DGL 2012 Championships. Megarom has sponsored R50,000 to the DGL 2012 Championships.

His advice for captains?

“Being in competitive gaming things will always get heated - the key is being able to control everyone in a way that they play on a level that they feel comfortable. This brings focus and allows everyone to contribute as they can. Keeping an open channel for suggestions and ideas keeps the team competitive,” he says.

How does it feel to have now made the DGL Premier League? Lawton expounded with the following:

“We are absolutely stoked with making it so far in such a short time and taking advantage of the promotion / demotion system implemented by DGL- its a wonderful feeling knowing that the time and effort you put into a game pays off not only for yourself but for your teammates as well. This was definitely our goal as we tried to keep a high level of play in the first cup but unfortunately lost out to BoB - from then on we have pushed to make it into the big league and cause a few upsets,” Lawton says.

But will they knock Bravado off from their winning streak? Someone's got to do it. Lawton says it boils down to finding a way to break down Bravado's discipline.

“Bravado has a unique style and are very disciplined in their game play so we need to find a way to break that discipline to take advantage. It's hard to put a dent in the Bravado machine but strategising and learning from our mistakes will definitely boost our gameplay against them,” he says.

The next playoffs are going to be key in this year's season as they will determine a great deal going into the Championships. Lawton feels this will be the hardest of playoffs as everyone is raising their game and anything can happen in the knockouts.

“I believe the Prem teams will be prepared for the big games as everyone is hungry for success but anything can happen on the day and we could have an upset or two,” he says.

Monster Energy is sponsoring R10,000 to the DGL 2012 Championships Monster Energy is sponsoring R10,000 to the DGL 2012 Championships

But what about the DGL 2012 Championships?

“Playing on Prem level is no easy task but we will take every game as it comes and make sure we do our homework on every team. I believe we could very well see a few upsets as there have been quite a few player shifts leading into this leg. And of course we will be trying to cause a few upsets of our own again,” he says.

And what about some dark horse teams that may appear through the cracks?

“S.C.A.R are a great bunch of guys that have done well moving up the lower divisions - definitely an upcoming clan to look out for. In terms of First Div teams, aE and BR are fielding very strong teams and could very well cause an upset in the playoffs before the Championships,” Lawton says.

32B appear to have their eyes set on becoming an MGO, with Lawton specifically highlighting that they do have plans to do so.

“We would like to thank everyone for the support we received during the Champions Cup. Our clan vid will be out in a few weeks and keep your eyes pealed for our MGO plans,” he says.

Here's a preview of the clan video:

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