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Ghosts Proposed Premier Playoffs

The 2014 Telkom Do Gaming League (DGL) Ghosts PC Summer Leg has come to an end with 12 of South Africa’s top teams now looking towards the crucial Premier Playoffs in hopes of cementing or retaining their place in the Premier Division.

The Playoffs are scheduled to start on Tuesday, 8 April and will be contested under the standard round robin league ruleset with the top teams guaranteed promotion.

Teams who qualify in the following positions will qualify for the playoffs:

Premier Division: 7th to 10th (2 teams in total).

VnR - Aequitas

First division: Top 4 (4 in total).

HiVe|Ap3x 'Ghosts
BoB cDc

The teams will be divided into 1 group of 8 teams each. The top 4 teams per group will be promoted to the Premier Division and the rest will be demoted to the First division.

Premier Division Log

Top teams share the spoils as the Premier Division came to a thrilling end last week as Bravado suffered their first defeat of the campaign to an impressive eN.Blaze.

The two teams met on Sunday, 23 March with Bravado primed to cement their place as Summer Leg winners but slipped up to driven Energy line-up that managed back-to-back wins, 13-5 and 13-11 on Warhawk and Octane respectively.

Bravado led the pack from the opening week of league competition and while they may have had ‘nothing to lose’ heading into the fixture, Blaze had everything to gain, knowing a win would see them tied for first with their close rivals at the top of the table.

The result saw both teams’ three points clear of the rest of the log, having managed six wins from seven games respectively while iM'Ghosts follow up in third.

Frost, like their teammates, has enjoyed a great start to their 2014 campaign, finishing runners-up in the Ghosts PC Invitational Insta-Clash Cup (ICC) before a disappointing but bitterly close semi-final loss to Blaze in the #CODeSports cup on Tuesday, 1 April.

The former fought hard and were unlucky to suffer consecutive defeats, 6-4 on Blitz and 82-68 in Demolition. Despite the loss, the determined outfit will look to bounce back during the Winter Leg but will certainly back their comrades as Blaze looks to impose their incredible league form when they meet Bravado, again, in the grand finale this weekend.

#CODeSports Bracket

Who will walk away victorious when the two Ghosts heavyweights go head-to-head in an epic rematch of their league clash?

eN.Blaze vs. bvd COD:Ghosts

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