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CoD: Ghosts Prestige Edition Details

The details for the Call of Duty: Ghosts – Prestige Edition have recently been released by Infinity Ward and Activision, as we get to see what tasty goodies lay in store for the most expensive version of the game.

The interactive image they used is tidy and is easy to navigate and get all the information you need off of one photograph, which I find quite good truth be told. Here’s the image:

For those too lazy to move their mouse around their screen, here’s what you can expect in the Call of Duty: Ghosts – Prestige Edition:

CoD: Ghosts Season Pass – This will include four downloadable map packs, plus the bonus Team Leader Digital Pack (includes an exclusive multiplayer character, background, player patch and player card) with an exclusive multiplayer character.

Pre-order Map: All Pre-Orders for CoD: Ghosts will get the downloadable map on day of release “Free Fall”, a dynamic bonus multiplayer map that takes place on a collapsing skyscraper.

1080p HD Tactical Camera: This full HD tactical camera can be used for loads of functions, including being strapped to your helmet as you enter the fray in real life. Jake and Amir from Collegehumor best demonstrate the camera in their hilarious video, “Breach”:

Exclusive Ghosts Paracord Strap: This unique wristband can disassemble and reassemble with ease and is made from real paracord material, so you know it won’t break easily.

Collectible Steelbook: Your copy of CoD: Ghosts will arrive in a Collector’s Edition Steelbook featuring alternate art on a hard steel protective case. Check it out below:

Bonus Digital Content: The CoD:Ghosts Prestige Edition comes with a plethora of bonus content, including the CoD: Ghosts Digital Soundtrack, as well as an exclusive character, playercard, background and skull patch for use in multiplayer.

This comes for the whopping price of $199 (around R2000), and is only currently only available for order on Xbox and PlayStation console versions of the game. On top of that, the only version currently available in the South African region is the stock standard so far as the site is concerned, so it is up to our local retailers if we are to see any of the Prestige Editions hitting our shores.

Does this tickle your fancy, or can you not bring yourself to spend so much money on a game? Tell us your experiences below.

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