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Cod: Ghosts Onslaught DLC Releases This Month

Infinity Ward confirmed on its Twitter last weekend that the latest downloadable content (DLC) for Call of Duty: Ghosts will be arriving on 28 January. The Tweet read, “Something menacing is coming Jan. 28. Get ready for #Onslaught.”

The Tweet was accompanied by a short trailer for the DLC, which can be found below:

Onslaught will introduce fresh enemy types, spiders, and a new map for Extinction mode called Nightfall. A twitter picture taken from a user in a GameStop store display shows the maps for Onslaught to be Fog, Containment, Bayview, Ignition and Nightfall as well as two new weapons, the Maverick AR and Sniper Rifle.

Infinity Ward plans to release four map packs for Call of Duty: Ghosts, which can be bought at a reduced price with the season pass.

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