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Cod: Ghosts MP Map Revealed – Stonehaven

Activision recently released the details for one of the multiplayer maps for their upcoming title, Call of Duty (CoD): Ghosts. Stonehaven is the name of the revealed map, and looks like a massive environment that features a coastal castle with a portcullis that can be lowered to change the map and routes available.

Pictures courtesy of CVG.

With the new map also come the details of the space combat mission which featured in the single player campaign trailer. Players get to play an astronaut performing a routine maintenance of the Oribtal Defence Initiative, when it is suddenly attacked by “South American Federation” troops and overrun, causing the Defence system to fire on its own people and devastating the ground below and leaving America open for a full scale invasion.

CoD:Ghosts is due for release on 5 November for Xbox 360, PS3, Wii U and PC, with next generation released due towards the end of the year.

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